Here's How You Can Stream 21 Of Your Favorite '90s Shows Online


With so many of your beloved 90s sitcoms and dramas getting the reboot treatment over the past few years — like Full House, Will & Grace, and most recently Sister, Sister — it's probably safe to say that this wave of '90s nostalgia isn't set to go away any time soon. If you've been bit by the nostalgia bug, there are so many ways how you can stream your favorite 90s shows online. Watching TV as a kid in the 90s was an experience like no other, simply because the sitcoms you came home to watch after school during that era were, hands down, the best. But times have changed since then, and streaming sort of rules everything now. You can watch what you want when you want to — pretty awesome, right?

You might be pleased to see so many of your favorite shows as a kid making comebacks left and right, but before you start talking about your need for new episodes of Daria in 2018, you should at least know that some of the streaming services you use every day are hubs of '90s nostalgia. From shows like Sabrina, The Teenage Witch to Roseanne, here's where you can stream 21 of your favorite '90s programs.


'Freaks and Geeks' (Available On Netflix)

Grab some friends and reminisce about your most ridiculous moments in high school with this short-lived comedy series.


'Frasier' (Available On Netflix)

A show featuring a character who gives out relationship advice while not following that advice himself. Are we sure this show isn’t about me?


'That 70s Show' (Available On Netflix)

Just because the show wasn’t about life in the '90s doesn’t mean that it wasn’t one of your faves during the '90s.


'Friends' (Available On Netflix)

You didn’t have to sport “The Rachel” or know who your lobster was to be able to relate to this beloved series about a group of, well, friends. Watch your favorite Friends episodes on Netflix.


'The Magic School Bus' (Available On Netflix)

You probably haven’t watched this since you were a kid but you still might learn something new from Ms. Frizzle and the gang.


'Bill Nye The Science Guy' (Available On Netflix)

Let’s be honest — Bill Nye is the sole reason you passed your science classes in middle school. Learn it all again on Netflix.


"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (Available On Hulu)

Your high school may not have sat on a literal Hellmouth that granted entry to demons and evil spirits — but it kind of felt like it did, so that has to count for something, right? The first episode is free on Hulu and the rest of the episodes require a Hulu subscription.


"Ally McBeal" (Available On Hulu)

This one is a must-watch for any young woman in the early stages of her career. Watch the first episode on Hulu free and the rest of the episodes require a Hulu subscription.


'Will & Grace' (Available On Hulu)

If you didn’t start marathoning the series before tuning into the show’s 2017 revival, then you’re doing it way wrong. Don't worry, you can catch up on Hulu.


'Family Matters' (Available On Hulu)

You’re never too old for a few laughs and life lessons from one of your favorite TV dads, Carl Winslow. Check out Family Matters on Hulu.


'Seinfeld' (Available On Hulu)

It’s not too often that “a show about nothing” can have quite the cultural impact that Seinfeld did.


'Full House' (Available On Hulu)

It’s 2018 and you still haven’t seen every episode of Full House ever?! How rude! And after you marathon Full House on Hulu, you can catch Fuller House in Netflix.


"Step by Step" (Available On Hulu)

Sure, it’s kind of a clone of Full House but that certainly didn’t stop you from tuning in every Friday night while it was still on the air and enjoying the antics of this blended family.


'Hangin' With Mr. Cooper' (Available On Hulu)

This gem of a show was heavily underrated but it was entertaining nonetheless. You can hang with Mr. Cooper again with a Hulu subscription.


'Boy Meets World' (Available On Hulu)

Because Mr. Feeny’s life lessons are still relevant 20 years after the show’s debut. Relive Cory and Sean's antics on Hulu.


'ER' (Available On Hulu)

Before you started tuning in to Grey's Anatomy on Thursday nights, you tuned in to E.R. Before there was McDreamy, there was George Clooney's Dr. Doug Ross. ER is finally on Hulu, so watch and enjoy.


'Daria' (Available On MTV)

Daria was pretty much every 90s teenager's spirit animal, and she's probably still yours today. You can stream Daria on MTV.


'Sabrina, The Teenage Witch' (Available On Amazon)

You probably have your eyes and ears peeled for the show's upcoming, dark reboot, but streaming the original Sabrina episodes on Amazon should at least hold you over until then.


'Sex & The City' (Available On Amazon)

Gather your girl squad so you can stream episodes of the HBO series while simultaneously arguing with each other about who Carrie and Samanthas of the group are. You can stream Sex & The City on Amazon with HBO on Amazon.


'A Different World' (Available On Amazon)

#DwayneAndWhitley5ever, because they were a couple built to last through college and beyond. You can stream this classic on Amazon with a Prime membership.


'3rd Rock from the Sun' (Available On Amazon)

A young Joseph Gorden-Levitt is just an added bonus of this show about aliens in human bodies. It's funnier than in sounds. 3rd Rock is available on Amazon for free with a Prime membership.

If you haven't already added these shows to your streaming queue, you're way behind. Get watching!