Your One Biggest Adulting Struggle, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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The process of getting your life together, standing on your own two feet, and evolving into a bonafide grownup — otherwise known as "adulting" — can be a long and arduous process. Finding a job in today's economy can be tricky, a decent paycheck can be tough to come by, and learning to navigate day-to-day life isn't always intuitive. But adulting can be even more of a struggle when you're pitted against certain personality traits associated with your zodiac sign.

When you take astrology into account, there may be some specific adulting problems each sign will experience, as well as certain pickles they'll find themselves in again and again. And that's because each sign has its own list of strengths, as well as a few common weaknesses.

All it takes to move past these weaknesses, though, is a little bit of awareness — and the desire to change. "It’s important to be aware of where we might get hung up in life because those are our growth edges, the places we need to master in order to feel fulfilled in life," professional astrologer Rachel Lang tells Bustle. "When you’re aware of your sign’s potential pitfalls, you can develop strategies to overcome hurdles. Adulting is a process, and there will be aspects that seem more challenging. Astrology can help bring us into balance because it offers insights about our strengths and challenges."

Here is the one area each sign might struggle with the most — whether it be money woes, career issues, etc. — in the process of adulting, as well as what to do about it.


Aries (March 21 - April 19): Sticking To A Budget

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Aries is known to be one of the more impulsive signs of the zodiac, "and this can translate into their spending habits," Lang says. For example, "they might spend a little too much on trying to impress a date and not have enough left for life’s essentials." They also might not think twice before buying food they don't need, or going on a quick (but slightly too expensive) trip.

To overcome this habit, Lang says Aries can benefit from outsourcing their budgeting to an app like Mint, which will help them keep track of where their money goes — so overspending will be less likely to happen.


Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Realizing They Won't Always Get Their Way

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Part of growing up is realizing that the world doesn't revolve around you, and that you won't always get your way. But this concept can be tough for Taurus.

"Taurus can be quite stubborn, and when something doesn’t work out, Taurus tries and tries again," Lang says. "When adulting, we have to accept the things we cannot change. For Taurus, this can be challenging."

To move past this tendency, Taurus can work on seeing the bigger picture and "putting everything in perspective." In doing so, it'll be easier for them to deal with disappointment, and feel OK when things don't go their way.


Gemini (May 21 - June 20): Being Tactful

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Gemini often struggles with "knowing when to speak and when to hold their tongue," Lang says. Because they love to chat and share ideas, they might find themselves blurting things out in social settings, without first thinking how their words might affect others.

And that's why Gemini should practice thinking before they speak, as often as possible. As Lang says, it can help for them to "take a deep breath before speaking, texting, or posting," especially when they're fired up about something.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Adulting In General

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If anyone's going to have a tough time adulting, it might be Cancer. "For Cancer, there’s a nostalgic quality about childhood," Lang says. "They might not want to leave their hometown, for example." And they might not be too thrilled about moving out of the comfort and security of their parents' house.

In order for Cancer to feel like moving, "it often requires a heart connection to motivate them to grow up." They might feel like getting their own place, for example, if they get into a long-term relationship.

But that's not necessary for them to strike out on their own. Cancer can also begin "building strong relationships and friendships with others who are on similar life paths," Lang says. "They need a tribe." Once they find it, they may be more comfortable with the idea of growing up.


Leo (July 23 - August 22): Doing Chores

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Leos tend to have super messy apartments: garbage cans that are overflowing, laundry that's piling up, groceries that need to be put away. "Leo can love luxury, and they might not always want to do dirty work," Lang says. So their chores tend to get out of hand.

While this might be a lifelong struggle for Leo, it can help if they appeal to their inner child and attempt to make chores fun. Lang suggests they listen to their favorite podcast while cleaning, or make a play list to sing along to.


Virgo (August 23 - September 22): Taking Care Of Themselves When They're Sick

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Virgo truly struggles with slowing down, recognizing that they're sick, and doing what's necessary to get better. "Sickness bums Virgo out more than any other sign. They can take pride in their health and be highly sensitive to physical issues," Lang says.

And this becomes even more of a problem when no one's there to help them. "When Virgo gets sick, they need extra TLC. This can be a challenge for them if they are living alone for the first time." They tend to go to work anyway, and stay sicker longer as a result.

So for Virgo, it's beneficial for them to plan ahead. "Boost your immune system to avoid getting run down," Lang says. "Focus on relaxation and release worries so you can keep your body running smoothly." And, learn to be OK with taking a day off.


Libra (September 23 - October 22): Paying Off Credit Cards

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Libra isn't always the best at paying off their credit cards in a timely fashion. And this is made worse by their tendency to overspend. "Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, Libra can love to shop," Lang says. They often have a hard time telling themselves no.

But just like Aries, it is possible for them to stick to a budget, once they're aware of this tendency. As Lang says, "I recommend Libra creates and stays on a budget. Using cash for discretionary purchases can be a good way to avoid using credit cards. It also helps to use an app like Mint for budgeting."


Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): Managing Loans

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Scorpio isn't always great with money either. But for entirely different reasons. "Debt can stress out a Scorpio," Lang says. "Looming student loans can be overwhelming," so they either avoid taking out loans in the first place, or conveniently forget about them once they do.

"To manage this, I recommend a strategic approach to finances that involves both saving and debt repayment," Lang says. "Sacrificing small extras, like dinners out or coffee shop visits, can add to bigger savings over time."


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21): Securing A Mortgage

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As a free-spirited sign, Sagittarius thrives on adventure and travel. "As a result, they might put off buying a house and try instead to live abroad for a while before settling down," Lang says. Which is fine, but this nomadic lifestyle can come back to bite them when they do decide to put down roots.

It's important for this sign to travel and have fun, while keeping their future in the back of their mind. "Investing in real estate can be a wise decision, but it’s not for everyone," she says. "If you want to wait to buy a house, save and invest in other ways so that when you’re ready for a major purchase, you have money saved."


Capricorn (December 22 - January 19): Being A Team Player

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When it comes to being a team player at work or in relationships, Capricorn might really struggle. "Capricorn is a self-starter, used to meeting goals on their own," Lang says. "However, you often have to work in teams in work or in a romantic partnership." So this skill is super important.

To work on improving it, it can help for this sign to "assess the strengths and challenges of others in any teamwork situation," Lang says. "Be realistic about what you can and cannot do, and talk honestly about it all to find balance." There's no shame in divvying up tasks at work, or relying on a partner.


Aquarius (January 20 - February 18): Turning Dreams Into Reality

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Aquarius is quite the dreamer. But when it comes to making their goals real, they can struggle. "They are usually thinking ahead of their time," Lang says. And can find that career goals never seem to come to fruition.

To move past this roadblock, it can help for Aquarius to practice collaborating with others, either at work or in their love life. "They would benefit from partnering with a practical earth sign" who can help make their dreams a reality.


Pisces (February 19 - March 20): Finding A 9 To 5 Job

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Pisces tends to dig their heels in at the idea of finding a full-time job. "They tend to choose careers in fields like music, dance, or, writing — ones that don’t fit into a 9-5 paradigm." And that can make it difficult for them to find a job that they're happy with, but also pays the bills.

So for Pisces, they just have to make sure that they're slightly practical when it comes to their career, while also making sure they're happy. And, recognizing that there's freedom to be had in a steady paycheck. "I find with Pisces, having steady work ... gives them grounding to succeed in their creative endeavors," Lang says.

Anytime one of these signs finds that they're struggling to navigate adulthood, it can help to look at the reasons why. What kinds of habits and tendencies might be holding them back, and making life more difficult than it needs to be? Once they can pinpoint the problem, each and every sign can move past these pitfalls, and "adult" with ease.