'HTGAWM' Season 5 Characters Ranked By How Guilty They (Probably) Are

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The final episodes of How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 are already here and the stakes are at an all-time high with the White Board Of Doom™ featuring every single scandalous deed since the show’s inception. Annalise was super close to spilling all the beans and living her best life without her gang of needy, nosy murderers but that plan didn't pan out. And, now things have really gotten complicated after Governor Birkhead revealed that Emmett was possibly behind Nate Sr.’s murder. The final episode is going to be an explosive ride and the chances that How to Get Away with Murder characters will go to prison varies at a lot at this point.

Of course, the usual suspects like Annalise, the Keating kids, Bonnie, and Frank are in the midst of the mess, but there are also a lot of new players in this season including Nate, Tegan, Gabriel, and several others who were previously not on the murder scene. Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we can’t mind our own business. So, who is going to end up behind bars? It remains to be seen, but here are educated guesses with very unscientific percentages based on what has gone down this season.

Nate Lahey, Jr. — 50 Percent

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Yeah, Nate played a big role in D.A. Miller’s murder, but it’s not too likely that he will go down for this one. Everyone else (except Annalise, who doesn’t murder people) has gotten away with it at least once, so it seems like Nate should get a pass this time around.

He covered his tracks pretty well by concocting evidence to point directly to Governor Birkhead and the photo evidence of him being at the wedding has been erased. But, he has been acting pretty erratically and there’s always a chance that something could pop up that ties him to the crime scene, so he’s not completely in the clear at this time.

Tegan Price — 20 Percent

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The chances of Tegan going to prison seem pretty low, even though she slept with Talesco to give Annalise time to figure out her next move. Tegan hasn’t murdered anyone and tries to avoid the Keating kids as much as possible, so she should be generally good to go.

And, several fans are hoping that she will be around as a possible love interest for Annalise after the air finally clears this season. There's always a possibility of the show throwing fans a curve-ball and revealing that she is a snake, but for now she seems to firmly be #TeamAnnalise.

Annalise Keating — 5 Percent

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There’s no way that the queen of covering up murders, concocting lies, and making evidence disappear is going to prison. It wouldn’t be fair to give any major player zero percentage, but her chances are pretty low because she is the lead of the show, after all.

She has done a stint in prison before, but that didn’t last long because it’s not HTGAWM if Annalise isn’t on the streets being a boss. Will she get another shot at an immunity deal and decide to finally make her mostly unappreciative comrades pay for their crimes? It’s not likely, but hopefully this massive mess won’t drag her down.

Emmett Crawford — 90 Percent

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Emmett's chances of going to prison have substantially skyrocketed after Birkhead ratted out his alleged deeds to Annalise. It’s not likely that Annalise will try to take his side, especially because of her relationship with Nate, so she will likely pull him into some blackmail shenanigans to help clear the White Board Of Doom™.

But, Birkhead is a very powerful and well-connected woman who certainly won’t allow herself to go down for murder, even if that means framing Emmett. Did he actually have something to do with Nate’s death? It’s not clear right now but there is obviously something in the file Birkhead showed Annalise that isn’t good news.

Perhaps he had Nate Sr. killed because he wanted to get Annalise back on his team after she was going to leave to partner with Birkhead. There’s a lot going on and Emmett might end up behind bars soon.

Frank Delfino — 5 Percent

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Like Annalise, Frank is pretty much untouchable. He’s always two steps ahead of everyone else and pretty much works in the shadows at all times. Frank has actually been pretty chill this season outside of spying on Gabriel and taking care of Bonnie and there’s pretty much no evidence to tie him back to the previous murders, so it’s probably going to be smooth sailing for him. The only way Frank might go down is if he sacrifices his freedom to save Annalise from going to jail.

Gabriel Maddox — 30 Percent

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What is going on with Gabriel? He seems slightly less suspect these days but he’s also still hanging around and being relatively creepy for no reason. He was working with D.A. Miller and has to have a bigger role than simply being a nuisance, right? But, being nosy isn’t grounds for going to prison so he looks pretty safe from that fate.

Gabriel could end up dead if he doesn’t stop pushing for answers about his father’s death but the show could pull a wild card and reveal that he played a role in Nate Sr.’s death somehow.

The Keating Kids — 60 Percent

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Could this be the season that the Keating Five finally go down for their crimes? It’s looking that way based on a sneak peek of the finale. They are on the FBI’s radar and have all played a role in actual murder or covering up certain crimes (including Oliver) so it’s looking likely that they will go down.

Laurel’s family mess (and general stupidity) bumps up their collective chances of going down for several crimes, but it all really depends on what sordid details are on Oliver’s computer.

Honestly, Annalise, Frank, and Bonnie are pretty much over them at this point so if it comes down to the wire, the Keating kids will be trading their law student life for prison jumpsuits. Annalise will probably try to save this annoying group, but there might be too much evidence to get them out of this sticky situation.

Bonnie Winterbottom — 40 Percent

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Bonnie was the one who actually killed Miller, but her chances aren’t higher than Nate’s at this point. She’s seen as the grieving girlfriend and there’s probably zero evidence tying her back to this specific murder. But, Bonnie has played a part in several deaths, including Rebecca Sutter, so she’s not completely out of the clear yet.

Governor Birkhead — 80 Percent

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This lady is a liar, scammer, and perhaps the shadiest person on this show right now. If she is playing Annalise in any way, she will pay for her actions. And, she’s likely trying to cover up her own involvement in helping the FBI piece together this massive investigation into Annalise’s group as well as Nate, Sr.’s murder.

The only thing that decreases her chances is that she’s smart and slick, but she can’t outmaneuver a boss like Annalise. So, the chances of them joining forces to save their own behinds is pretty high. But, the evidence is stacked against Birkhead at this point and her own suspect ways will probably hold the key to her downfall.

What will happen in the finale? Will anyone actually go to jail? Or, will fans be left on a massive cliffhanger until Season 6 hopefully rolls around in the fall? The only way to find out is by tuning in and preparing to be blown away.