Don’t Rule Out A ‘HTGAWM’ Spinoff — Even After That Explosive Series Finale

Alfred Enoch in 'How To Get Away With Murder'; HTGAWM spinoff
ABC/Mitch Haaseth

Spoilers ahead for the How to Get Away with Murder series finale. In a storm of non-guilty verdicts and prison sentences, How to Get Away With Murder concluded its six-season run on May 14. With each characters’ fate sealed, it’s safe to presume the show’s officially done; however, the HTGAWM creator is open to spinoffs. So fans might get to see more of the Keating Five — or at least their offspring — in the future.

On the heels of the explosive series finale, creator Peter Nowalk spoke to Entertainment Weekly about all the final twists: Annalise, found not guilty, died, but not until decades later; Connor went to jail to atone for his sins, much to Oliver’s dismay; Bonnie and Frank died in a courtroom shoot-out; and Michaela left the group and became a judge.

The biggest revelation, however, came after viewers learned that the Wes spotted at Annalise's funeral was actually his grown up son, Christopher — a lawyer and professor of Criminal Law 100, aptly referred to as “How to Get Away With Murder” by his predecessor. Given this full circle moment, a spinoff centered on Christopher wouldn’t be entirely off the courtroom table. When asked about this possibility, Nowalk said he’d “definitely” consider returning to the series, but it’s “not top of mind for me right now.” Still, a possible spinoff would need to be able to stand on its own.


“I love this world. I love these characters,” Norwalk said. He continued, “I really would want it to be a show that can exist on its own, meaning even if you haven't watched How to Get Away With Murder, you could watch the new thing.” While he’s keen on writing non-law material next, Nowalk added, “But never say never. I love my writers and I think we could definitely do it. I just would want it to feel unique.”

So, would actor Alfred Enoch be up for a potential spinoff? It’s hard to say, but, seeing as he returned for the finale, anything is possible.