"Hurt Bae" Just Posted Some Epic Tweets Of Her Own

In the midst of all the drama that is 2017, the internet has rallied behind its new hero, "Hurt Bae," who just served up some internet heartbreak on a Twitter platter. In a video posted by The Scene on Valentine's Day, a woman named Kourtney spoke with her ex-boyfriend Leonard about how their relationship ended, and for the truth about why he cheated on her. The video quickly went viral, and since then "Hurt Bae" started her own Twitter account to respond to the massive fan base that has flooded in since.

UPDATE: There are currently two accounts claiming to be Kourtney on Twitter, under the handles @realcreolekourt and @creolekourt. The same email is listed on both accounts; Bustle reached out to that email and received a response that @realcreolekourt is the real account Kourtney is tweeting from.

If you haven't seen the video yet, first off, get ready for an emotional rollercoaster that swiftly funnels into an emotional tidal wave that swallows you up into an emotional blackhole. (Casual.) Leonard reveals that he can't even remember the number of times he cheated on Kourtney, and Kourtney's reaction is straight up gut-wrenching: she tells him she forgave him for it, because he's still her "best friend". Basically, if there's anything left of your heart after watching this video, Twitter swiftly yanked it back up and mopped the floor with it, because their reactions were as savage as Kourtney's was heartbreaking. Here's the OG footage, if you can bear it:

Since then the internet has dubbed Kourtney "Hurt Bae," tweeting using #HurtBae as the hashtag for a number of reasons. For many, the scenario was all too relatable, and they are tweeting out of empathy and support for a situation that they know themselves all too well. (I mean, who among us hasn't been Hurt Bae at some point?) Others are tweeting out of shock and rage re: Leonard's cheating, despite the clear depth of Kourtney's love for him.

But rainbows after rain, y'all, because Kourtney — aka, Hurt Bae herself — launched a Twitter the day after the video came out.

This post initially reported that @creolekourt was the account Kourtney was tweeting under — a username that matches her Instagram handle, but is not actually Kourtney.

That being said, if you want to hit up Hurt Bae on Twitter, you can find her at @realcreolekourt.

This story has been updated from its original version to reflect Kourtney's real account.