"Hurt Bae" Tweets That Will Break Your Heart

Sorry, Salt Bae — there's a new bae in town, and it is the now iconic "Hurt Bae" whose story went viral Wednesday night. In a video uploaded by The Scene on Valentine's Day, a woman named Kourtney and her ex-boyfriend Leonard hash out exactly how their relationship dissolved, and the details are ... well, pretty grim. Since then, the internet has dubbed Kourtney "Hurt Bae," inspiring a stream of "Hurt Bae" memes and tweets that anyone who has ever been hurt by a bae will look at and sigh, "It me."

See, in the video, Leonard confesses that during their relationship he cheated on her more times than he could even count — and Kourtney just sits there and takes it, simultaneously fascinating the internet and breaking its collective heart, particularly when she says she forgives him because he's still her "best friend". And while many, many people probably fantasize about getting this kind of closure from their ex, undoubtedly there are few quite as dramatic, heartbreaking, or RIDONK public as this.

Since The Scene posted the video, Kourtney has become the Patron Saint Of Broken Hearts to the internet, aka "Hurt Bae". When you watch the video, you'll understand why:

Sorry, I'm not cry, I just have every gut-wrenching second of this video stuck in my eye. Here are some of the many Hurt Bae memes and tweets it has inspired since...

Actually, Though, WHAT?

It was the most emotional rollercoaster you ever rode.

BRB, Grabbing My Heart Off The Floor





The world needs to know.

Boom, Splash

Fantasizing about this on Hurt Bae's behalf.


Is it weird that I'm more broken up about this than I would be over my own breakup?

The Empathy Is So Real

A lot of people have been reaching out to Hurt Bae in particular, because although her story was the one that went viral, she's far from alone.