I Put Perfume In My Belly Button & Here's Why

I have a major obsession with perfume. From Atelier to Tocca to Dior, I drench myself in woodsy and earthy scents from head to toe daily. And today, I said c'est la vie as I put perfume in my belly button to see if this fragrance hack actually works.

So, why do this? Cosmopolitan recently reported that we should spray our fragrance onto all of our favorite pulse points and our belly buttons. Yup, belly buttons. The article claims that many experts and celebs swear by this hack, including Takasago senior perfumer Steven Claisse and world-renowned model Adriana Lima.

That considered, who am I to scoff at such advice? Currently, I spritz the front and nape of my neck, my wrists, my decollate, and even my ankles with fragrance. I learned early on that perfume works the best when it lays on your pulse points, where heat emanates more strongly from the body. The fragrance will warm against you skin and really evolve and amplify the perfume's scent.

I've never put perfume in my belly button before, but it kind of makes sense. Belly buttons don't smell like a bouquet of flowers naturally, and they're a definite point of heat on the body. So, does this hack actually work? I decided I needed receipts, so I put it to the test.

I spritzed my signature scent, Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Parfum, directly into my belly button twice. Just to make sure we were supremely saturated and giving this tip its full potential.

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Parfum, $92, Sephora

Let's please welcome to the internet this picture of my belly button. Everything I do, I do for you Bustle readers.

I didn't spritz my fragrance anywhere else. I wanted to make sure that any scent I sprayed was emanating directly from my belly button.

After I enlisted my intrigued roommate Bryan to take this photo, I pulled my shirt back down over my belly button and went back to writing.

Truth is, I couldn't really smell anything besides a faint, ghostly waft of a scent every ten minutes.

So I decided to call on Bryan once more, and luckily, he gracefully obliged to try out this hack on himself.

He chose Tommy Eau de Toilette by Tommy Hilfiger as his scent of choice.

Tommy Eau de Toilette, $21, Amazon

He spritzed his belly three times, ya know, for good measure.

After an hour or so, Bryan and I noticed the same thing. With our shirts down, we could only smell the tiniest, muted scent. But, the second we lifted our shirt above our belly buttons, bam: strong AF.

So does this hack really work? If you're naked, sure. Or in a bathing suit, or in a crop top, or in something floaty that could easily free the scent from your navel. Must we spray over bellies everyday for perfect fragrance wear? Not necessarily — but it's summer and spraying things into your belly button is kind of fun, so why not?