What If Ezra Isn’t A.D. On 'PLL'?

by Kristie Rohwedder
Ron Tom/Freeform

It took seven years, 159 episodes, and a thousand red herrings, but the moment is almost here: The Pretty Little Liars series finale will air this Tuesday. The final episode will ostensibly tie up the show’s loose ends, including the identity of a certain sadistic board game enthusiast who goes by the name A.D. And as anyone who pores over PLL theories on Reddit knows, Aria Montgomery's fiancé is one of the top suspects. And if A.D. is not Ezra Fitz, a bunch of PLL enthusiasts will probably be really mad.

Here are some fun questions that many PLL fans have asked online: What if the “endgame” is actually the “end name”? What if “A.D.” aren’t initials, but the last letters of someone’s first and last name? What if — and again, just repeating something that’s all over Twitter and Reddit — Ezra Fitzgerald is EzrA FitzgeralD? What if Ezra is A.D.?

After all, this is the same dude who literally built a lair to stalk the Liars’ every move. Yeah, yeah, it was all for a book about Alison’s disappearance… or was it? What if he created the book to throw the Liars off his maniacal scent? What if A.D.'s call is coming from inside the Montgomery-Fitz apartment?

Or maybe Ezra isn’t A.D. Maybe his creepy hideout really was just for the book. Maybe his days of keeping tabs on the Liars are long behind him. (That’s still gross, but it’s less evil than, you know, creating a board game to torment his fiancée and her best friends.) Maybe Ezra truly is on the Liars’ side. Only time will tell. And until that reveal happens, here’s an excellent video to tuck into.

For every Ezria shipper who hopes with all their might that Mr. Fitz isn’t A.D., there is a PLL fan who is rooting against the Liars’ high school English teacher. If Ezra is not A.D., some PLL viewers will feel some feelings. And those feelings will not be good.

They will be pissed.

So pissed.

Unfathomably pissed.

With a splash of disappointed.

Breaking points will be reached.

Theories will be resented.

And bets will be lost.

Want to keep digging into this prediction? Here's another video to add fuel to the EzrA.D. fire:

"EzrAuthor FitzgeralDecoded" has a nice ring to it, eh?