13 Reasons Ezria Still Has A Chance On 'PLL'

by Amy Mackelden

Since the Pretty Little Liars Season 7 mid-season finale, Ezria fans have been on the egde of their seats. While 7A has seen some great Ezria action, including that long-awaited proposal of marriage and subsequent wedding planning (we even saw the dress!), it also featured some less than perfect moments. With show runner I. Marlene King revealing that there will definitely be a wedding in Season 7, Ezria fans were rejoicing post-proposal at the prospect of seeing Aria wed her former teacher. That was put on hold, though, when Ezra's long lost ex-girlfriend Nicole was found alive and well. Despite his excitement at seeing his kidnapped ex, there are still some reasons we shouldn't assume Ezria is over for good.

The phone call from Nicole that Aria deleted was a low point of Season 7, as was Liam's editing session with Ezra in which he accused the teacher-turned-writer of being a Lolita figure (was he even wrong though?). But things got way worse in the mid-season finale, since Nicole was found, and, in excitement, Ezra grabbed and kissed her on live TV. Aria was at home waiting for him, watching him kiss his ex, wondering if their wedding would actually happen now. Ezria fans like me were borderline crying. But here's why Ezria might not be done just yet.

1. Nicole Might Be With Someone Else

Nicole has been missing a long time, and could easily have hooked up with someone else in that time. Perhaps she's even in a relationship with one of the other people that got kidnapped?

2. Ezra And Aria Are Engaged

A slightly obvious one, but Ezra did propose to Aria, and clearly loves her. That doesn't necessarily change just because Nicole's alive. Plus, they've already started wedding planning.

3. Ezra And Aria Have A Complicated History

While Nicole and Ezra undoubtedly have a connection, and the circumstances of their separation are awful, Aria and Ezra have a history. Their relationship has always been on-and-off, but, ultimately, they've never been able to stay away from each other. Their history holds them together, and is evidence of the deep feelings they have for one another.

4. Aria Chose Ezra Over Liam, So Ezra Could Choose Aria Over Nicole

Nicole has been through a rough time, there's no denying that. But that doesn't mean Ezra has to be with her. Just as Aria made the decision to break up with Liam so she could be with her high school English teacher, Ezra might decide he wants to be with Aria more than anyone else.

5. Nicole's Disappearance Is Sketchy

Does anyone else think it's kind of weird that Nicole phoned Ezra right after he'd told her parents he was moving on? Almost as if she'd spoken to them, found out about Aria, and decided to come back and ruin it all? I realize this theory makes me a terrible person, but I just don't trust Nicole, sorry. Which leads me on to...

6. What If Nicole Is A.D.?

Sure, this theory is a bit of a stretch, but what if Nicole is A.D.? I have no idea what her motive would be, but the fact she knew Emily years ago, and then stole Aria's one true love, could have something to do with the fact that she's A.D.. Stranger things have happened on Pretty Little Liars. Plus, if she is the big bad, her discovery has come just at the right time — to stop Ezra's wedding, and to get back to Rosewood for the end of Season 7.

7. A.D. Might Murder Nicole

If Nicole makes it back to Rosewood with Ezra, then she could be in trouble. The body count has been crazy so far in Season 7, and anyone who's not main cast has bitten the dust pretty quickly. If Nicole isn't A.D., I don't think she'd last that long.

8. Nicole Isn't Aria

Again this might be stating the obvious, but Nicole just isn't Aria Montgomery. She doesn't have her style, her writing ability, or her innate understanding of Ezra Fitz.

9. Ezra And Aria Are A Team

Aria and Ezra aren't just an engaged couple. They're a book-writing team, whose novel is about to be released, and who will surely work on lots more creative projects in the future. Their connection transcends regular boyfriend and girlfriend material.

10. Aria Might Be A.D., And A.D. Always Wins

Lots of fan theories point to Aria being A. If she is, there's no way Nicole is keeping her man. Just sayin'.

11. Nicole Might Not Want To Come Back To Rosewood

Despite everything that's happened, Nicole might not want to come to Rosewood. But it's Ezra's home, and he's unlikely to want to live somewhere else after everything that's happened, especially now that Aria is back in his life. Basically, Ezra knows that Nicole is OK, and maybe that is enough for him.

12. Ezra & Aria Have Overcome So Many Obstacles To Be Together

I don't believe for a second that this pair will give up, after everything they're been through. Ezra and Aria's courtship has been anything but easy, but they keep getting back together regardless, and that means something.

13. Showrunner I. Marlene King Says They're Soulmates

Way back in May 2015, King said of Ezria, "Even when they're not together, they're soulmates. And sometimes it's hard for the audience to understand because they want them to be together all the time." If the showrunner thinks they're soulmates, then they must be.

As far as I'm concerned, Ezria is endgame. Haters can continue to hate, and speculate as to whether Ezra will get back together with Nicole or not. But we all know that Ezra and Aria will be together by the finale, and I will personally fight anyone who says otherwise.

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