If Faith Is Pregnant, ’Vanderpump’s Jax & Brittany Will Have Some Decisions To Make

Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo

Fans would be hard pressed to come up with a more dramatic season premiere than the one that Vanderpump Rules handed viewers Monday night for the Season 6 premiere. Sure, it was surprising to see that Scheana and Katie had ended their friendship sometime between now and Scheana being one of Katie's bridesmaids last season. But, the big bombshell really dropped when a rumor started to spread at Scheana's birthday party that Jax had not only cheated on Brittany with former SUR server Faith Stowers, but also that Faith's period was late. If Vanderpump Rules' Faith is pregnant, that's the probably the nail in the coffin of Jax and Brittany's relationship. Bustle has reached out to Faith for comment.

First, it is important to go over what exactly happened during the premiere because it was bananas, to say the least. Of course, Scheana hosted a masquerade ball/party for her birthday, as one does. (As a side note, she showed up in a gold ball gown and sparkly butterfly mask that was just the perfect amount of extra.) Earlier in the night, while getting ready for the bash, Tom Sandoval dropped a bomb on Ariana that Jax had possibly been sleeping with Faith, while still together with sweet Brittany. Meanwhile, at the party, multiple people confronted Jax, who denied it of course.

The real juicy story started to unfold when James spoke with Faith alone. She claimed that she and Jax had slept together while Brittany was in Kentucky after they filmed their spinoff show, Jax And Brittany Take Kentucky, and she had some shocking details about the event that included the fact that she wasn't on birth control and they did not use a condom. She then admitted to James that her period was late and alluded to the idea that she could be pregnant. Poor Brittany was understandably devastated, and Jax was very unconvincing in his denials, especially when he basically demanded that Faith tell everyone she was lying. Based on Jax's past behavior, this rumor may have some truth to it but only partially.

Now, obviously only Faith truly knows the answer to the question of whether she is or was ever pregnant, but it is still possible to speculate based on what she has made public on social media. She has yet to give any interviews about it, though audiences may find out more details as the season continues. (The encounter we saw was filmed months ago, probably.) Taking a look into her Instagram and Twitter account provides absolutely no evidence that Faith is going to have a baby.

Of course, this isn't the first time that Jax has been embroiled in a pregnancy rumor. When he was dating Stassi, a vicious rumor floated around about Jax possibly getting a girl in Vegas pregnant while still dating Stassi. He eventually admitted to cheating in Vegas on the show and even admitted at the time that he could have possibly got that girl pregnant as well. So, it kind of seems like Jax has a concerning pattern in his relationships. If Faith is or ever was pregnant, that may add to the feelings of betrayal that Brittany is likely feeling. But it's not as if Jax should be off the hook if her late period was just a pregnancy scare.

Whether or not Jax cheated with Faith is likely to be revealed this season on Vanderpump Rules, and there will definitely be some fallout. This season has started off with a bang for sure and with so much to unpack already, it's sure to be eventful at the very least. Make sure to tune in to Vanderpump Rules Monday nights on Bravo to follow all of the drama as it unravels.