11 Books For Anyone Who Wanted Lorelai & Luke To Be Endgame

by Kerri Jarema

If there is one show that provides the sort of high-stakes shipping I truly love, it's the early-2000s hit Gilmore Girls. Both Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory went through multiple relationships throughout the series. Fans clamored to defend Rory & Jess over Rory & Logan (and vice versa), and everyone had an opinion about whether Lorelai should end up with her high school sweetheart Christopher Hayden or small-town diner owner Luke Danes. If you're one of the fans who can't get enough of Lorelai and Luke's love story — and all the aspects of its slow-burn romance — I've definitely got some books for you.

The 11 reads below all feature aspects that made Lorelai and Luke's relationship so enthralling: small-town romance, slow-burn romance, romance where the main couple just can't seem to get started no matter how obvious it is that they have feelings for each other. Some of them feature diners and inns, of course — which are sure to give you the exact same emotions you felt while watching a relationship develop between this Stars Hollow twosome. Read these book in-between marathon watches of the series, or just pack them in your bag for some sweet commute reading:

'Small Town Hearts' by Lillie Vale

Babe Vogel loves living in her lighthouse home in the sleepy Maine beach town of Oar’s Rest and being a barista at the Busy Bean, but two things have already gone so wrong this year: her ex-girlfriend is back in town, and a reckless kiss totally ruined the relationship with her two best friends. But when she meets out-of-towner Levi Keller, she has to decide if he's worth breaking her rule: never fall in love with a summer boy.

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'The City Baker's Guide to Country Living' by Louise Miller

When pastry chef Olivia Rawlings escapes to the idyllic town of Guthrie, Vermont, she doesn't expect to be offered a job. But as she helps the inn reclaim the blue ribbon at the annual county fair apple pie contest, and she meets local Martin McCracken, she starts to think small-town life is for her.

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'Stay Sweet' by Siobhan Vivian

A small-town romance, a food stand, an affluent family with a meddling parent, and some serious girl power? Yeah, there are some serious Stars Hollow vibes in this story about Amelia, Head Girl at Meade Creamery — the local ice cream stand in Sand Lake — and Grady, who takes over the business.

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'Flamingo Diner' by Sherryl Woods

Flamingo Diner, in the small town of Winter Cove, Florida, is the friendly place where everyone knows everything about you. Now Emma Killian is back to run the business after her father's death, facing debts, secrets, and her attraction to onetime bad boy Matt Atkins.

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'The Simplicity of Cider' by Amy E. Reichert

Fifth generation cider-maker Sanna Lund has one desire: to live a simple, quiet life on her family’s apple orchard in Door County, Wisconsin. But when single dad Isaac Banks shows up with his son Sebastian, Sanna’s formerly simple life becomes way more complicated.

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'The Magnolia Inn' by Carolyn Brown

Inheriting the Magnolia Inn, a Victorian home nestled in the East Texas pines, is a fantasy come true for Jolene Broussard. There’s just one hitch: stubborn and moody carpenter Tucker Malone. He’s got a half interest in the Magnolia Inn, and he’s planting his dusty cowboy boots squarely in the middle of her dream.

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'Second Chance Summer' by Morgan Matson

If you want a book that encompasses everything about Lorelai and Luke's courtship, from family drama and friend friendships, to finding a second chance at love, this is the one you need. Taylor Edwards' family return for one last summer at their lake house, where she sees her first love for the first time in years.

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'Room for You' by Beth Ehermann

Kacie Jensen has one priority: raising her twin daughters, Lucy and Piper. Moving back home to her mother’s bed-and-breakfast seems like the best way to start over, but when Brody Murphy shows up, he opens her eyes to a life she never thought was possible.

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'Tell Me Three Things' by Julie Buxbaum

If you love the trope of "he loves you, why can't you see it?!" you be hooked on Jessie's story, which also includes some Gilmore-sized family drama. After her mother's death, Jessie moves in with her dad and his new family. During her first week of junior year, she gets an email from an anonymous student, offering to help her navigate her new prep school.

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'Surprise Me' by Sophie Kinsella

When we meet Lorelai and Luke in the Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls, they're having some of the same issues as Sylvie and Dan from Surprise Me, who have been together for 10 years. When they realize that they may have as many as 60 years left together, they try to find ways to revitalize their relationship.

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'Maybe This Time' by Kasie West (July 9)

Like Lorelai and Luke, Sophie Evans and Andrew Hart attend all of the the local festivities. Sophie works for the local florist, Andrew is the son of the new chef in town. Every time Sophie turns around Andrew is there, getting in her way. Until she starts to wonder if maybe he isn't so bad.

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