If You Shipped Rory & Logan On 'Gilmore Girls,' You Need To Read These 11 Books

By Kerri Jarema

If there is one thing that Gilmore Girls fans love to argue about, it's their ships. Are you a Lorelai and Luke fan or more of a Lorelai and Christopher lover? Were you happy that Lane ended up with Zack, or did you hold out hope that Dave would make a triumphant return? And then there are the three biggest ships of all: Rory and Dean, Rory and Jess and, of course, Rory and Logan. Now, I'm not saying that any one of these ships are better than any other (except that Rory and Jess, is obviously the best, don't @ me) but what I am saying is that they all inspire some very strong emotions and just a tad bit of infighting.

And the most debated relationship of all the above? It might just be the one between Rory Gilmore and Logan Huntzberger. While many can acknowledge that Logan brought out Rory's more adventurous spirit, and helped her become less dependent of her mother and Stars Hollow, he also encouraged her to steal a boat, drop out of Yale and move into her grandparents' pool house. But if you can't get enough of small-town girl meets trust fund baby, college romances, and young women with journalistic pursuits, I've got 11 books below for you to leap right into.