'New Girl's Season 6 Finale Would Work As A Series Finale, Too

Ray Mickshaw/Fox

If you're a New Girl fan, chances are you're feeling a little emotionally delicate after Tuesday night's season finale — and not just because Nick and Jess finally got back together. Although most shows have been renewed or canceled by the time the finale rolls around, that's not the case here. Season 6 has now officially come to a close, and there's been no word from Fox on whether or not the show will be returning in the fall. But fortunately, New Girl's season finale totally works as a series finale, and even though I don't want it to end, everything was wrapped up so nicely that it did manage to give the closure that fans need.

Watching the episode, I couldn't help but feel a sense of finality in it. Where most season finales tend to leave a cliffhanger, this one answered all our questions about the characters' futures and relationships: Nick and Jess are living happily ever after, Schmidt and CeCe are expecting their first baby, and Winston and Aly are set to start their lives together. And this wasn't just a coincidence; the showrunners structured this episode to function however it needed to depending on what decision the network made.

Earlier this week, executive producer Brett Baer talked to TV Line and said that while the intention is to come back for Season 7, they needed to prepare viewers in case that didn't happen. He said:

"The studio and the network [basically] said the same thing to us: 'We probably won’t have an answer [about a seventh season] by the time the [finale] airs… and you should be prepared to provide a conclusion that can go in either direction.”

They definitely accomplished that. I mean, the finale was everything I could have wanted, down to the callback to the pilot episode when Jess listened to "Time Of My Life" in the moving truck, and when she and Nick kissed in the elevator like they have in the past. These characters who once seemed so lost are now all so grown up, and I feel like that's always been the goal of the show. Leaving them here would be fitting and even satisfying.

But even though the finale wrapped everything up in a nice little bow — and ending things here would give New Girl a rare opportunity to go out on a high note — there's still so much to explore in this world. I would love to see Schmidt and CeCe figure out parenthood, to see Nick and Jess function as the real, healthy couple they couldn't be before, and I always, always need more Winston (and Ferguson).

My fingers are crossed that renewal news is just around the corner, but if it's not? If I have to say goodbye to these roommates, this is the best possible way to do it.