Is Amber Heard OK? The Actor Reportedly Left A Gala Early For A "Serious Emergency"

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Friday night, things took a worrisome turn when Amber Heard reportedly left the Unite4: Humanity Gala unexpectedly because of an emergency, according to E! News. Fans are likely wondering if Amber Heard is OK. Bustle has reached out to the actor's reps, but did not immediately receive a response. Apparently, Heard was at the gala as both an attendee and an honoree, who was due to receive an award for her humanitarian work with the ACLU, E! reported. Since Heard could not take the stage to accept her award, activist and friend iO Tillet Wright reportedly took the stage on her behalf, citing a "very serious emergency" as the reason.

Based on E!'s report, Heard was in good spirits at the beginning of the event. She brought two close friends, Tillet Wright and Cara Delevingne, as well as her sister, Whitney Heard. The Justice League star was still able to pose on the red carpet at the beginning of the evening. However, once inside the venue, Heard reportedly "appeared to be distressed and uncomfortable" and was immediately escorted through another door, according to E! News.

With no recent news reports on Heard's health or personal well-being, her immediate departure is all the more curious. Of course, it's only right to respect her decision to leave the event. There is no further word from Heard or anyone connected to her, either on social media or in the news, about the nature of the emergency.

When accepting Heard's award, Tillet Wright explained to the crowd that "our dear friend Amber unfortunately suffered a bit of an emergency earlier this evening and she had to go."

Per E! News, Tillet Wright then expanded on this and said,

"I want to also say that I've never seen Amber nervous and I've known her quite intimately for a long time. And she's met pretty much everyone that you could be starstruck by. But Ayaan Hirsi Ali is as close to God as you could get for [Heard], so to know that Ayaan was here and for her to have to leave anyway means that it was a very serious emergency. We both [Delevingne and Tillet Wright] are hoping that she's OK."

Tillet Wright also reportedly read a portion of Heard's acceptance speech, which no doubt would've been incredibly touching when heard in its entirety. The snippet, however, is just as powerful:

"As an activist and human, as someone who is intrinsically allergic to justice, I am humbled and honored to be here tonight among so many dedicated world-changers and real life heroes. One of which is my hero, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who has so graciously donated her time and energy to present this award to me. Having you here tonight is a gift for which I will [be forever ill equipped] to adequately pay back."

Following her very public divorce from actor Johnny Depp in 2016, Heard donated her divorce settlement money to charity, including the ACLU and the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. She also became an activist for raising awareness around domestic abuse.

While her sudden departure from the gala is obviously troubling, there is no doubt that it's wonderful she was being honored for her humanitarian work. Here's hoping everything is OK.