Why Raven Thinks 'Bachelor' Arie Could Be Making A Mistake When It Comes To Bekah's Age


After competing on Nick Viall's Bachelor season and finding love on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4, Raven Gates knows this franchise inside and out, and she's dishing all to Bustle. Now, read what Raven has to say about all the Bekah and Krystal drama on Arie's season.

The Jan. 22 episode of The Bachelor should have been called, “The Young and the Restless,” because the topic of discussion between the girls centered on two things: "Is Bekah too young for Arie?" and, "Why is Krystal so insecure and restless?" I'll get into all of that in a minute. First, we started the episode in Tahoe, and, any time you change cities, you can always expect some drama. Some juicy things came out in this week’s episode. So, get your drinks ready, and let’s sip this tea together.

The first date of the week was with Seinne. She's one who went to Yale, remember? By the way, what the hell is Seinne doing on this show? She’s too good for this, SMH. Still, I’m happy she got some one-on-one time. I figured that this was probably going to be the date where Arie would realize that Seinne is too good for him and that would make him all uncomfortable… but not so much. Instead, they parasailed over Lake Tahoe, and then had champagne on the beach. It was obvious they had an attraction to each other. So, she obviously got the one-on-one rose, and then got serenaded by Lanco at their own personal concert. I liked this date, but because I really like Seinne, I mostly just need to see more of her!

The next date was a group date. It included all of the women, except two. During the day, we found out that Maquel’s grandfather had passed away, so she headed home. It's undetermined whether or not she will be back, but I think it’s so important to put family first. The other person not on the group date card was Bekah, which means Bekah got the coveted one-on-one. She is so fun-loving, adorable, and has amazing chemistry with Arie already, so getting the one-on-one sent the others into panic mode. Some of them even started to question whether Bekah has told Arie how young she really is — and what that would mean for their relationship. Well, we all saw exactly how it did later in the episode — but I'll get to that.

The group date was set in the wilderness where the girls were taught some survival skills, like that drinking pee could come in handy while in the wild. After seeing Arie drink his container of "pee," Jacqueline was all geared up to drink hers, too. EWW. Fortunately, Arie stopped her just in time, telling her his container was actually apple juice. I’m sorry, I love Adam and all, but I would NEVER drink his pee. Jacqueline, you don’t even love Arie yet, and you’re already ready to take a big ole sip of pee? Jeez, the thirst is real. LITERALLY.

The ew-factor didn't stop there, though. Then, we saw Kendall, Tia, and Arie cheers with some worms to eat. This is all while Krystal was saying how “desperate” the girls are getting. Well, ya know what, Krystal? Maybe you should join in instead of being a negative Nancy. It is all about the journey, after all. Isn’t that what we all say? Krystal, maybe you should be more like Kendall, and pull Arie aside to steal a kiss instead of moping about the other contestants. In any case, I’m starting to love Kendall more and more. She really used this date to showcase her personality. GO, KENDALL! GO!

Next, the girls were separated into three separate teams and had to navigate their way through the forest to make it to the next location. Despite one group getting lost, they all finally make it to a hot tub with Arie. There was either steam coming from the hot tub, or steam coming from Krystal’s ears — she got rattled by Tia and Caroline hugging each other, mirroring Arie putting his arm around her. And the other girls coming around Arie didn’t help, either. But, Krystal, you’re on a group date! What do you expect?

The night portion of the date couldn’t make me roll my eyes harder. Krystal told Arie how she feels like she got a target put on her back due to getting a one-on-one. OK? So why don't Becca or Seinne feel this way? Just saying. Anyway, right after Krystal told Arie how she’s uncomfortable with Tia and Caroline, she confronted them about how they supposedly hurt her feelings in the hot tub. But, just like a true Arkansas girl does, Tia didn't let Krystal get away with any of her antics. Then, Tia got the group date rose. As she should.

Even though Krystal served a lot of controversy, the next date was maybe the biggest one of the episode, because it left Arie questioning everything. The date began for Bekah and Arie with horseback riding and a hot tub (two of my favorite things). Their chemistry is undeniable. Is it weird for me to have a girl crush on Bekah? Because I do. And, even though Bekah is the youngest in the house, it seems like Arie opens up to her more than anyone. Maybe Bekah has an old soul? But is having an old soul enough for their huge age gap?

That night they strolled into dinner where Bekah was looking like the old Hollywood glam doll that she is. Maybe Bekah’s look is what is throwing Arie off about her real age? But something must have been setting Arie’s radar off, because he told Bekah he feared she's not ready for a relationship since she’s still in her 20s. Although, at this point, what he didn't know is that Bekah is in her way early 20s. She's 22, to be exact. And, when she finally revealed it to him, his mouth hit the floor. Fourteen years apart is a serious age gap. From Arie’s reaction, I think he’s afraid to fall in love with her now.

But, in my opinion, I think he’s already developed major feelings for her, more than any of the other girls so far. He sort of showed that by still giving her the one-on-one rose. However, I believe he’ll soon start pulling back and distancing himself from Bekah. He may keep her around for now due to his wild chemistry with her, but he’s just avoiding the inevitable. He’s seemingly already made his mind up that he’s not going to let himself fall 100 percent in love with her, which is so sad and unfair to Bekah. If this doesn’t work out for Bekah, I actually wouldn’t mind seeing her as Bachelorette. Is it too early to say that? She’s cool, fun, open-minded, and unique. If being young is her only drawback, then she’s a pretty great catch! (Side note: Did you see Arie's fingers go through her hoops when he kissed her? I die!)

Finally, it was time for the cocktail party... nope just kidding, it was onto the rose ceremony! Arie decided to skip the cocktails and head straight to eliminations. This struck a lot of fear into the girls. Since there was no time to talk to Arie before he made his final decisions for the week, everyone was feeling a little uneasy — including the ever-insecure Krystal, who stopped everything during the ceremony and pulled Arie to the side to talk. (Yawn.) As annoying as this was to watch (and probably to be there for), it seemed like it worked in Krystal’s favor because she ended up getting a rose, and she'll be here for another week. Poor Caroline and Brittany were eliminated. I’m afraid that all this is going to do is fuel Krystal’s fire. She thinks she has Arie right where she wants him, and it's driving the other girls up the wall.

From the previews for next week, it looks like even more Krystal drama (and some pathways to love for the others) is headed our way for next week. I am so excited about getting to recap a one-on-one date with my fellow Arkansas girl and BFF Tia, a date with Chelsea (who I am liking more and more every day), and some more of the inevitable Krystal shenanigans. And, now that Bekah's age is out in the open, can we leave the girl alone already? Being 22 isn't a crime, and if it stops Arie from being able to fall for her — well, that's his loss... and potentially The Bachelorette's gain.