The One Way Ben Z. Could Find Love After 'BiP'

by Hannah Shapiro
ABC/Paul Hebert

Ben Zorn was a popular suitor coming off of Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette, so is Ben Z. single after Bachelor In Paradise? He's handsome, tall, and his soft spoken sweetness appealed to many viewers when he was wooing Kaitlyn. After The Bachelorette wrapped, Ben Z. even seemed like a possible candidate to be the next Bachelor, but, instead, he disappeared from our screens for a few years, focusing on his fitness business and offscreen life. Ben Z. made his return to televised love this season on Bachelor In Paradise but, unfortunately, things haven't been going his way. Currently, he seems to still be on the dating market, but that might not last for long.

Ben Z. has spent most of his time in Paradise talking about his dog Zeus. While his dog is absolutely adorable, the constant chatter about his pup hasn't led to him finding a connection... in Mexico, anyway. Ben Z. first went after Raven Gates, but ultimately Raven was wooed by newcomer Adam Gottschalk. Ben Z. made an effort to get to know the new incoming ladies, including Sarah Vendal, but, again, Adam swooped in and took Sarah on a date. With less new ladies joining Paradise, it isn't looking likely that Ben Z. finds love there.

This says little about his character, though; with the group in Paradise so far, this may just not be his year. Finding love on the show has a lot to do with luck and chemistry with the group.

And it's doubtful that Ben Z isn't finding love because he talks about his dog too much. He went on "The Morning Breath" to defend it, saying:

"I don't think I talked about my dog that much. There are certain people that have dogs on the show, just happen to be the girls that I was talking to. And when we had conversations about the dog, they would edit everything that they said out of it and they would make me look like all I was doing was talking about my dog."

Sure, there's still hope for Ben finding love on the show because literally anything can happen on Bachelor In Paradise. But, if he doesn't, there are, apparently, plenty of dog-loving women that would want to meet him off camera. He even joked about his new suitors in a tweet:

Perhaps one of the women hitting on Ben Z. with a dog pick-up line will get him in the end.