Here’s What We Know About Bibiana’s Relationship Status Post-‘Winter Games'


Time has flown by on The Bachelor Winter Games. With the finale and World Tells All special airing Thursday night, the fandom wants to know about the cast members' relationship statuses. For the past two episodes, Bibiana Julian has been in a "relationship" with Jordan Mauger, but what's going on now? Is Bibiana single after The Bachelor Winter Games or are these two in a long-distance relationship?

Yes, Bachelor contestants are probably supposed to keep the story lines on the low, but it seems like there are slightly different standards for Bachelor in Paradise and Bachelor Winter Games couples in comparison to The Bachelor and The Bachelorette pairings. It just seems like the standard for confidentiality is a lot more relaxed for these "second time around" shows in regard to what they end up sharing on social media.

As far as Winter Games goes, some people have been very open about their post-show relationships. Dean Unglert and Lesley Murphy, as well as Ashley Iaconetti and Kevin Wendt post about each other on social media. So, it is clearly at least somewhat acceptable for Winter Games couples to share photos and videos. In contrast, Bibiana and Jordan have no presence on social media. At all.

The one thing Bibiana has posted on social media about her relationship status was a GIF of someone on skis with the caption, "Me trying to pull in a man on @BachWinterGames." Is that her subtle way of hinting that she is still single or is she just narrating the story from the mindset she had while filming the show?

In the preview for the finale episode, Bibiana says, "We need to take everything that we're feeling and put it out on the ice," which sounds promising. Or at least it did until host Chris Harrison teased, "Off the ice, some relationships start to freeze over." Then the camera panned to a clip of Jordan and Bibiana with Jordan narrating, "Things got really heavy between me and Bibiana," which does not bode well. Bibiana tells him "I'm sorry," before she walks away and runs up the stairs to continue crying while she says, "I can't even breathe."

Obviously, this show is very heavily edited since there are only four episodes in the series, so this could just be the "most dramatic" footage available to bring in viewers for the finale. For all the viewers know, Bibiana is crying and "can't breathe" because she's so in love with Jordan or something else positive — although, it really doesn't look like happy tears.

Aside from what has been portrayed on the show and on social media, it is also safe to assume that a relationship between Bibiana and Jordan would be pretty tough to pull of logistically. First of all, he was the last person to arrive on The Bachelor Winter Games, so he and Bibiana had a late start in the house.

Second, Jordan lives in New Zealand and Bibiana lives in Miami. How is that going to work? It is definitely possible, but it would take a lot of effort and planning to have a successful relationship from so far away.

Unfortunately, there just is not a lot of solid evidence to form a conclusion here yet one way or the other. There isn't anything indicating that Bibiana found a love match with Jordan on Winter Games, but then again, they could just be really good at keeping the secret under wraps. Also, Bibiana could have started dating someone else during the time period between shooting Winter Games and the airing of the episodes, because there also aren't any obvious signs that she is definitely single. But this lack of clarity is exactly why they are having the World Tells All special. Or at least that's hopefully why. The people need some clear answers from Bibiana and the rest of the contestants on their love lives.