Is Brandon Flynn Single? The '13 Reasons Why' Star's Love Life Has Been Sparking Rumors

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Those with a soft spot for bad boys — or at least those who plays them on TV — have plenty reason to wonder if Brandon Flynn is dating anybody. After all, it's been more than a year since the actor behind Justin on Netflix's 13 Reasons Why got better at goodbyes, following his breakup with singer Sam Smith last June. So has he rebounded from the 9-month relationship? As it turns out, Flynn is super private when it comes to his, well, private life, but that, of course, hasn't quelled speculation about his current relationship status.

At the top of the rumor mill: Many believe that Flynn and Richard Madden (of Bodyguard and Game of Thrones fame) are in a relationship, following frequent sightings of the duo getting close. In March, The Sun reported that Madden moved into Flynn's Los Angeles home "as he attempts to crack Hollywood." According to the UK publication, the Scottish actor had just been dumped by girlfriend of 18 months, actor Ellie Bamber in December 2018 — and had been mulling a move across the pond after several visits last year.

"While out there, he also met Brandon who is a massive deal Stateside and very well connected," said a source who The Sun described as a Madden friend. "They’ve been on several fun nights out together, and Brandon has introduced lots of his friends to Richard. He’s even offered him his home to stay at whilst Richard sets up meetings, and tries his hand in Hollywood."

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When photos of Flynn and Madden with their arms around each other while running errands in L.A. hit the web in April, rumors really picked up steam that the pair was more than just friends. Later, when Madden received and honorary doctorate at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in July, videos surfaced on Twitter of Flynn cheering him on in the audience.

Neither men has ever confirmed or denied whether or not they're a couple, however — though they've certainly been asked.

"I just keep my personal life personal," Madden explained to The New York Times in May, while promoting his role in Rocketman. "I’ve never talked about my relationships."

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For his part, Flynn, who came out as LGBTQ+ to loved ones when he was 15, admitted he feels his personal life is often being "scandalized" by the media. "That’s kind of the way it feels when you read headlines about yourself ... It’s all just something to egg on some sort of rumor cycle that will just keep going around until you finally get something that will actually just make it all true or false," he recently explained to Variety. "So, it’s hard not to feel scandalized."

After all, he never even planned to come out publicly. "It didn’t seem that it would make a difference whether I came out or not because it’s just my life, and if people were watching my life, they would just know that," Flynn added to Variety. "But it did feel like I had to come out — even though I didn’t ever come out to the public, in a weird way, I just one day read an article where I came out in the terms that they wanted me to come out."

What he's referring to is the response to his 2017 Instagram post in support of an Australian bill that allowed for same-sex marriage. After he shared the message, the media "celebrated Flynn’s coming out story," per Variety.

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"I’ve gone back and read the post, and I’m an ally, of course, but it was that post that all of the sudden made me gay," said Flynn. "I was embraced, so I never want to take that away from people who have been so supportive to me because I was totally embraced, but in no way, shape or form, did I say that this is me coming out. ... But being in the industry makes you someone of public curiosity, hence why all of the sudden I was a gay actor, but just because I was supporting human rights."

While it seems clear that neither Flynn nor Madden will ever openly discuss their rumored romance, they would definitely make a really good-looking couple.