'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Has Made Fans Super Worried

by Amy Mackelden

Fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine had a major shock when the two-part Season 4 fall finale aired on Sunday. If you haven't yet seen the episode, then stop reading now, because there are spoilers ahead. In what turned out to be a shocking cliffhanger, fan favorite Gina Linetti got hit by a bus at the end of the episode. The words "To be continued..." flashed up on the screen, and now viewers have no idea whether or not Gina will return when the show comes back to FOX later this year. The crucial question has to be, is Chelsea Peretti leaving Brooklyn Nine-Nine? The comedian is keeping tight-lipped about this one.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine showrunner Dan Goor spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the shocking episode and said, "we legitimately wondered who would win in a Gina vs. bus battle." While Goor is taking the comedic approach to Gina's ultimate fate, fans are concerned that Peretti might be getting written out of the series. When asked whether or not Gina is gone for good, Goor continued to tease The Hollywood Reporter, and said,

Watch and find out! Again, I think another valid question is: did the bus survive? Either way, audiences will see Chelsea again — she is a force of nature and one of the greatest comic minds out there.

No, seriously, will Peretti be back?

After the episode aired, she retweeted several fan reactions to her character's plot twist, and, in response to one tweet, wrote, "I leave on a bus for a solo trip to upstate NY." While this is the least likely explanation for Gina's fate in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it's clear that viewers are worried that one of the most hilarious characters on the show might be gone for good. But she hasn't given any indication that she won't be back when the series returns. Yet.

Bustle writer Laura Rosenfeld had an interesting theory about what happens to Gina after the bus incident, and said,

I'm hoping for a speedy and successful recovery for Gina, but it's possible that one good thing will come out of the accident. It's likely that we'll not only see more of the character onscreen but also a deeper and more nuanced character development.

It's true that if Gina survives, then her recovery will show the audience a different side of the character, but it could also mean that Peretti has an extended break from the series.

Since Gina's full name is Regina Lanetti, it seems as though her accident on the mid-season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was a shout-out to Regina George from Mean Girls. In the movie, Regina George famously survived being hit by a bus and became a nicer person as a result. Might this hint that Gina will be back, albeit with a slight personality adjustment? Peretti would definitely have fun with any character changes that were needed.

Whatever happens to her character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Peretti is one of the funniest people on TV right now, and we should all anticipate exciting work from her in the future.