Here's What's Left In ColourPop's Last Call Sale

In case you're a little late to the beauty game, ColourPop Cosmetics is having Last Call Sale. They're making room for their brand new items by getting rid of some of their classics and giving you 20 percent off in the process. This deal won't be around for long though. What's still available in the ColourPop Last Call Sale, you ask? These items are going fast, so you should get over there as soon as you can.

When ColourPop's sale started, there were 101 items up for grabs. Just a few days later and over 40 of them are gone for good. That leaves about 60 different products left for you to shop. There's everything from lipsticks and shadows to bronzers and sets still available though. According to the brand's Instagram, once these items are sold out, they won't be back on the site again. Basically, this is your last chance to stock up on your favorites.

The major change that's coming from the sale is that ColourPop's Super Shock Bronzers are being discontinued. That also means that they're selling out fast. When fans got word of the announcement, they instantly started buying. Unfortunately, only two Super Shock Bronzers — Poolside and Bon Voyage — are still in stock.

There's no word on whether or not the Super Shock Shadows are also going away, but there are a lot of singles as a part of the sale as well. Odds are that's because they're in the process of creating more Pressed Pigments. While a lot of the sets are already sold out, there are plenty of singles for you to snag as well.

On a more positive note, there are tons of lippies available on the site as of right now. There's everything from nudes and pinks to purples and bright oranges. There's also a number of different formulas. None of them are being discontinued all together, but the sale has Ultra Matte Lips, Ultra Glossy Lips, and even Lippie Stix.

Bottom line: you should probably stop reading this right now and get to shopping. The company didn't say when the sale will officially end, so the sooner you shop the better.