This Fan Theory About Cordelia Suggests 'AHS: Apocalypse' Will End With A Holy Twist

Kurt Iswarienko/FX

American Horror Story Season 8 has already dropped its fair share of shocking reveals, but the biggest twist of all might be something nobody's expecting. Well, the Supreme might be expecting it, if you catch my drift. A new fan theory suggests Cordelia is pregnant on AHS: Apocalypse, and the evidence is surprisingly convincing.

Several viewers have already hypothesized that Cordelia isn't really fading. A Supreme traditionally suffers a decline in the potency of her powers when a new Supreme begins rising to take her place; this is what happened to Cordelia's mother Fiona in Season 3's Coven — although it wasn't the glamorous Madison Montgomery who was destined to take her place, as she assumed, but rather her own daughter Cordelia. With Cordelia now supposedly "fading" herself, some fans have speculated that her symptoms could just be the result of a trick pulled by Michael to get her to step down. But this new theory would provide yet another possible reason for Cordelia's recent decline: the growth of another life.

This particular theory comes courtesy of Reddit user blitzedginger, who explains that "Cordelia's symptoms — weakness, dizziness, fainting, etc." could simply be due to pregnancy, and not some supernatural cause. But what about that rotting gray splotch on her abdomen? A reasonable question, to be sure, but this fan has an explanation for that as well: "having a diseased mark on her stomach could be a sign of mystical pregnancy." Without any mention of Cordelia having a partner, blitzedginger theorizes that her hypothetical pregnancy "could simply be a case of immaculate conception," which would "perfectly align" with Season 8's religious themes.

Viewers are already well aware that Michael Langdon is the offspring of the devil himself; and another popular fan theory postulates that Mallory isn't actually a witch, but rather an angel destined to heal the world. What else does this holy conflict need than the introduction of the second coming of the son of God, sent to do battle with the son of Satan?

This theory would also fit in well with what fans already know of Cordelia's character. A big theme for the Robichaux's instructor in Season 3 was her desire to have a baby; unable to conceive with her husband Hank (who turned out to be a witch hunter), she even went to her own coven's mortal enemy, voodoo witch Marie Laveau, for help with a fertility spell. Although Marie refused her, Cordelia had previously attempted her own spell. At the time, she assumed it didn't work at the time, but what if it actually did?

This would explain why Cordelia seems to be completely whole and healthy in the far future timeline, when she arrives at Outpost 3 to resurrect Mallory, Coco, and Dinah. If she wasn't actually declining, then perhaps she has simply returned to normal after having given birth. If so, hopefully her heavenly child is busy aging as quickly as Michael Langdon did so he (or she?) can arrive to take down the Antichrist once and for all.