Here's The *Truth* About Those Reports David Beckham Is Going Into Space

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There have been many times in which I've wished for a rocket to blast me into outer space, so that I could avoid my problems. The future is here after all, and soon enough, I reckon this service could actually exist. While David Beckham appears to have a pretty charmed life on the whole, a report by The Sun recently suggested that the Galácticos might be heading intergalactic himself (well, sort of). So is David Beckham going into space? Well, it looks like he's staying down here on earth, actually.

The Sun exclusively reported on Thursday, Dec. 21 that Beckham was in lowkey talks to become "the first footballer to be launched into space." They claimed he had been approached by space travel firms including, The Sun believes, Virgin Galactic. However, shortly after the first reports emerged, Becks' rep shut down the suggestions. "It’s not true," a representative for Beckham told Metro. Dang, that would have made quite the media storm.

It's long been Virgin founder Richard Branson's ultimate mission to make space travel go mainstream. "We are at the vanguard of a new industry determined to pioneer twenty-first century spacecraft, which will open space to everybody — and change the world for good," he's quoted saying on the Virgin Galactic website.

Branson launched a successful test flight earlier on in December, as Space.com reports, though there was a bit of a catch. Virgin's VSS Unity suborbital Spaceliner was flying over California's Mojave desert when it exceeded the 50 mile boundary marker that the U.S. air force uses to determine what constitutes "space." However, that's not the only measure, as there's also something called the Karman Line, which is 62 miles up. The Virgin aircraft didn't make it to that point, so it seems it might be a little while yet before we get any real life footage of Richard Branson bouncing around in a weightless environment.

Beckham himself isn't immune to a love of all things galactic. The star recently copped a brand new tattoo. Playing it bold, he got a solar system tattooed right on his skull, Esquire reported on May 1, 2018. You can see it below, peaking out from underneath his hair. While many will understand Becks' desire not to undertake the very dangerous journey out of Earth's climate, I think we can all agree it would have been pretty damn poetic if the first football star to be blasted into space once played for a team known as LA Galaxy. Just think of the headline opportunities, people.

If not Beckham, then I'm pretty confident that a big celeb *spins wheel* might be blasted off soon. In fact, if any TV commissioners are reading this, please consider making my personal dreams come true by having a Gemma Collins in Space reality TV series. While it would have been pretty iconic having Becks kick the first football on space, I think we can all agree that it'd be much more entertaining to have Collins trying to cook a curry in space.