Is Deadpool In 'Logan'? Fans Want To See These Two Join Forces

Logan is the best-reviewed X-Men movie yet, and it represents a major turning point for the franchise. As the final film for both Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and Patrick Stewart's Professor X, the series' future remains unclear. Most fans are betting that the character of Deadpool, whose eponymous film last year became the highest-earning X-Men film ever, will be the face of the franchise moving forward. But before that happens, will fans get the opportunity to see that changing of the guard take place on screen? In other words, is Deadpool in Logan?

He's not. After Deadpool's release in Feb. 2016, it became clear that the X-Men cinematic universe would be a different place from that point on. But despite the fact that Logan didn't begin filming until May of that year, it appears that no effort was made to include Deadpool in the film. That's not to say that Deadpool didn't affect Logan, though. Deadpool was the first R-rated X-Men film, and Logan is the second. And even though the people behind Logan insist that they weren't influenced by Deadpool in pursuing their R-rating, it seems likely that their studio, Fox, was much more receptive to the idea after Deadpool's performance at the box office. But even though Deadpool and Wolverine don't team up in Logan, that doesn't necessarily mean they won't in a future film.


While Jackman has stated repeatedly that Logan marks his last performance as Wolverine, he has at least shown some interest in reprising the role in a Deadpool sequel — thanks in large part to badgering by Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds. "I’m hesitating, because I could totally see how that’s the perfect fit," Jackman told Variety's Ramin Setoodeh in January when asked about the two characters making a movie together. "But the timing may be wrong. I’m at the point where I’m finishing up. In terms of a theory, it’s a great idea."

Reynolds has not exactly been shy in his attempts to get Jackman to return as Wolverine for a Deadpool movie. "I want Deadpool and Wolverine in a movie together," the actor told People's Tim Stack in December. "What we’re gonna have to do is convince Hugh. If anything, I’m going to need to do what I can to get my internet friends back on board to help rally another cause down the line."

Fans may be saddened to hear that Deadpool doesn't appear in Logan, there's still a glimmer of hope — albeit a small one — that the two fastest-healing and most murderous superheroes in the X-Men universe could still one day unite on screen.