Donald Glover's Emmys Joke Accidentally Teased Some Baby News — But Not So Fast, Folks

by Anna Klassen
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As is the case for all live award shows, there were some surprises during the 2017 Emmys Awards — and we're not just talking about Stephen Colbert getting butt-naked for that Westworld parody. So when a certain Atlanta actor accepted his Emmys award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series, Donald Glover dedicated his Emmy to his unborn child — among others. But wait, is Donald Glover having another son? Not so fast.

During his acceptance speech — his second win of the night — he said: “Michelle, my partner. You love me... I want to thank my baby, my son, for being the joy in my life. I want to thank my unborn son, we’re listening to Stevie tonight.”

At first listen, it seems as though the actor, director, and rapper was announcing that his partner, Michelle, is pregnant. But if you take a closer look, it seems more likely that Glover was simply making a joke at the expense of his win. Because he won two coveted golden statues over the course of the evening, celebratory sex wouldn't be out of the question for the actor and his baby mama. His comments may have simply been insinuating that the couple will be celebrating the big wins by listening to "Stevie," which, as we all know, certainly qualifies as baby making music.

Perhaps it was the way in which he formed the sentence, or his lack of clarification, but regardless, the mention of an "unborn child" has a lot of people very confused. Following the speech, US Weekly writer and editor Nick Hautman tweeted the following:

But because of the confusing nature of the speech, and because Glover is so completely private when it comes to his personal life — partner and child included — making a sudden baby announcement during the widely-watched show on network television doesn't seem likely.

Because there are just too many details we don't know about his personal life. For example, while we know his partner is named Michelle, we don't know a whole lot more about her or their child. The couple was spotted together in Hawaii, back in January of 2016, where she was sporting a very pregnant belly. And soon after they were photographed again pushing a baby stroller containing — allegedly — their kid. It's clear that Glover and his partner like to keep things on the down low, and an impromptu announcement of such a colossal nature would be completely out of character for the performer.

This may have been the first time he seemingly joked at an unborn child, but it wasn't the first time Glover thanked his family in an acceptance speech. After he won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy Series during the 2017 award show, he said: “I really want to say thank you to my son and the mother of my son for making me believe in people again and things being possible, so thank you.”

Even though it doesn't seem likely that Glover's comments were meant to be a baby announcement, viewers of the Sunday night show were nonetheless confused.

Even publications such as Essence took his words as confirmation of a kiddo number 2.

It wouldn't be surprising at all if Glover has to make some clarifying comments in the days following the Emmys about whether or not he's getting ready to be a dad once again, since confusion seems to be the resounding feeling surrounding his second win of the night.

Whether or not Glover is expanding his family in the coming months, he deserves a hearty round of applause for his big wins for FX's Atlanta — and maybe a brand new baby, too... or maybe not.