'Grey's Anatomy' Actor Ellen Pompeo Had A Super Scary Moment While On Vacation

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ellen Pompeo's vacation in Florence, Italy, took a scary turn on the evening of Friday, May 25. While out enjoying a meal, Ellen Pompeo was robbed, the Grey's Anatomy star revealed in a May 25 Instagram post right after a thief stole her purse in a restaurant. But is Ellen Pompeo OK after that scary ordeal? The good news is that Pompeo seems to be safe and fortunately, was unharmed in the incident.

"My purse was stolen from right under my nose!!" she wrote in the Instagram caption, detailing the crime. Still, she maintained a sense of humor, joking, “I blame the rosé!!”

Adding the quip was likely made easier, given that Pompeo really lucked out: Someone recovered her stolen handbag — and all its contents. Throwing in some Italian words and phrases, the actress, who also tried her hand at playing detective, made clear she wasn't one to be messed with, adding, "Grazia to who ever stole it for dropping it on the street exactly in tact. I was tracking my phone and chasing you down... had I caught you... it would not have ended well for you... I am nice but lets not forget my heritage... NAPOLITANO...."

Further showing off her admittedly rusty Italian language skills, Pompeo also used her social media post to thank the Florence police as well as the staff at the Ristorante & Wine Bar dei Frescobaldi for helping her recover the stolen bag. She did ask those fluent in the language to "please forgive my horrible Italian."

And the Florence police noticed her social media shoutout. Re-posting Pompeo's Instagram photo of two polizia on their official account, they wrote, "#Thankyou @ellenpompeo #greysanatomy Happy to know the #police in #florence helped you." They also referenced her Grey's character, ending with the hashtag #meredithgrey.

It seems the culprit was never caught, but perhaps Pompeo is hoping her new friends on the force may have some leads. Addressing the thief directly, she wrote, "I hope you were smiling," before adding more Italian words that expressed her hope that footage of the robbery may be on security cameras.

If anyone could've helped her out with her vocabulary, it would've been her Grey's Anatomy co-star Giacomo Gianniotti, who plays Dr. Andrew DeLuca. And the Roman-born actor quickly offered his assistance in the comments of the Instagram post — in more ways than one:

"Cmon Ellen! You didn't hit up your boy for an Italian translation? Haha I'll be there in July and I'll be on the prowl for your boy, he don't stand a chance. Glad you are safe!"

Prior to the scare, the mom of three seemed to be having a family vacation of a lifetime. In a May 24 Instagram photo, she captured her and husband of 10 years Chris Ivery's daughters Stella, 8, Sienna, 3, admiring a breathtaking sunset. (Pompeo and Ivery are also parents to a 17-month-old son named Eli.) The same day, she also posted a shot of some truly remarkable Florence architecture.

The getaway had certainly been hard-earned. She just wrapped her 14th season on the ABC medical drama which will return for Season 15 this fall. It was a season in which some fans unfairly blamed her for the exits of costars Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw (AKA April and Arizona), who departed the series at the conclusion of Season 14.

All the drama — and having to say goodbye to her two friends and colleagues — certainly took its toll, as she described the "rollercoaster" in a note to fans that she posted on May 17, the night of the Grey's season finale. "Over the last 14 seasons I've cried many tears on screen and off," she wrote. "This show has brought me so much joy and so much laughter but truth be told it has never been easy. This year was no different. Saying goodbye to characters cast mates friends is always very hard regardless of the circumstances. What remains and what keeps us going is the incredible passion and loyalty of our fans."

While the scare of having her purse stolen undoubtedly left Pompeo shaken, we're glad that she seems to be OK now and can enjoy what's left of her Italian getaway with her family.