Why Some Fans Hope Elyse Doesn't Win 'The Bachelor'


Elyse was granted one of the first one-on-one dates of Colton's Bachelor season, obviously making an impression on the leading man immediately after she set foot in the mansion. She's laid kind of low since then, but still has plenty of potential to be one of the last women standing. We can't know for sure how long she lasts, but we can do some social media scouring for hints about whether Elyse is single after The Bachelor.

On her Instagram feed, there are no men visible other than Colton, who pops up here and there in photos from filming as Elyse promotes the season. If she's dating anyone new — or even still with Colton — she's keen on keeping it on the down low. Her Twitter account also doesn't reveal anything about what her current love life is like, so unfortunately we'll just have to remain in the dark for a little bit.

As all longtime Bachelor fans know, the lack of info isn't surprising. The powers that be at The Bachelor don't want any spoilers getting out — even though there are a few reliable sources that tend to leak information anyway — so the women of Colton's season have probably signed about a trillion agreements promising not to give away any spoilers.

She has still been showing other parts of her life on IG, though. In the time since filming wrapped, Elyse has landed some pretty sweet gigs. She's a professional makeup artist with a stunning portfolio, and recently she even glammed up the New York Times best-selling author Rhys Bowen for an Amazon Publishing event — so she's doing pretty well.

Elyse recently posted a photo with some of her Bachelor co-stars, showing that no matter what happens with Colton, she came away this season with some lasting relationships. She's also been offering up more information on a super important cause she's spoken about on The Bachelor. During her one-on-one date with Colton, Elyse spoke about her sister who died due to cancer and the complications it wreaked on her pregnancy. She's since spotlighted Sarah's Closet, a charity started in her sister's memory, and has been fielding stories from fans of the show who have been through similar situations.

"It’s been a very emotional and touching week hearing all of your own personal stories of loss and struggles in your life. I am honored that you’ve shared them with me," she wrote in one photo caption. "I have read every single message, and your stories have touched me beyond words. Whatever you are dealing with in your life, remember that pain is temporary and a wonderful motivator for change! For those struggling with illness or loss, my prayers are with you."

Elyse was definitely a favorite with fans from the beginning. Viewers are already calling for her to be the next Bachelorette if she doesn't take home the final rose this season, and that was a pretty immediate reaction to her friendly and laid-back personality. If she's not with Colton or in another relationship right now, who knows what could happen? Maybe she'll be welcoming in a whole host of suitors next year.