Hannah Ann Is Just As Out Of The Loop About How This 'Bachelor' Season Ends As Fans Are


With Peter Weber's Bachelor season ending on a "pretty unresolved" note, it's looking more and more likely that Peter ends up with none of his contestants. Production has been determined to prevent any spoilers, but the latest rumors suggest that Hannah Ann is currently single, meaning that Peter either ends up with Madison or is also single.

In a Mar. 7 interview, ABC executive Rob Mills told Variety that the Bachelor finale was "pretty unresolved" and that "a lot of stuff went down since November when we finished filming, and even now, still up to the minute, it will be live on the show. Honestly.”

Production seems determined to prevent leaks, and there's no sign on Hannah Ann or Madison's Instagrams that either woman is currently with their Bachelor beau. In fact, Hannah Ann's Instagram hints that she's still waiting on Peter's final decision: a Mar. 5 post from Hannah Ann shows her in a lavish red gown and sporting a wistful look under a romantic archway, with the caption, "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Will I be spending forever with you?" Then in a Mar. 6 post, Hannah Ann simply posted a selfie with the caption, "Expect nothing, appreciate everything." For all intents and purposes, it really does seem as if Hannah Ann is currently flying solo, but still has her heart open to whatever Peter decides to do on the live After the Final Rose special.

There have been some spoilers that have gotten out though via Reality Steve, especially now that we're so close to Bachelor's end. Though Reality Steve earlier reported rumors that Peter calls off the final rose ceremony because Madison self-eliminates, his sources now say it's more complicated than that. In a Mar. 9 post, The Bachelor blogger claimed that Peter actually does give someone a final rose. But whether or not that is Hannah is still a mystery. Making things even more confusing? Since the After The Final Rose is live, it's possible that if he does end up with one of his finalists, he's changed his mind since filming or makes a snap decision in the hot seat. The Bachelor rumor guru also seems pretty confident that Peter is not with Hannah Ann, but there's not a lot of evidence that any of this has been confirmed.

On Instagram at least, it seems like Hannah Ann is single at the moment and waiting, just like everyone else, for the finale special. Based on what Mills told Variety, nobody really knows what's going to happen, "not even Peter." Or Hannah Ann for that matter.