This Lifetime Movie Will Make You Want To Throw Away Your Laptop


If a woman meets the perfect guy in a Lifetime movie, chances are he will turn into her worst nightmare. The network’s latest "relationship gone wrong" flick He Knows Your Every Move isn’t based on a true story, but the plot sounds like something that could happen for real. Per Lifetime’s description, Rosalie McIntire portrays Molly, who meets a handsome and engaging man named Jack Newsom shortly after she drops off her laptop for maintenance. Jack and Molly seem to have everything in common and are inseparable until he starts to become a little too clingy. Molly’s not comfortable with his increasing possessiveness, so she asks him to give her some space.

Things soon spiral out of control when her bank accounts are hacked and compromising photos of her end up online. Hmm, it sounds like that laptop repair was more of a spyware install to follow her every move, huh? Of course, Jack has a secret identity and is behind all of this mess, so now she has to figure out how to get rid of of him for good. No one does stalker stories better than Lifetime, so get ready to be glued to your couch for all the intense – and completely fictional – drama.

He Knows Your Every Move's trailer really amps up the creep factor with a peek into this relationship. Molly is hanging out in the park when Jack basically tackles her in the fakest and most awkward way of all-time. A glimpse of her laptop is shown with a very prominent, blinking red light near the camera that she doesn't notice for some odd reason.


Like most women, she chats with her gal pals about how Jack is so much like her and one (very smart) friend notes that it is not sweet, but creepy. Jack is then seen stroking his laptop screen as he watches Molly in her underwear because he's obsessed with her every move.

To Molly’s surprise, Jack starts becoming an uninvited guest at random outings like a formal event and a girl’s luncheon, where he plants a forceful kiss on her lips. Her friends are understandably disturbed and Molly is clearly uncomfortable with the exchange. These events are probably what prompts her to ask for some alone time.

Predictably, he doesn’t listen to her request and she finally figures out that he’s been stalking her via her laptop. They later confront each other in a car and he says that sometimes “we have to hurt the ones we love.” Talk about a potentially fatal attraction. This guy is definitely not going to leave without a fight to the death, so hopefully Molly has watched some Lifetime movies to prep for an epic battle.


The clip makes you wonder about the details of the laptop drop-off. Did Jack have a tech friend who helped him set up a video feed on her computer? Or, was he the person that actually did the install? It’s possible that she interacted with him at the store and didn’t recognize him when they “met” in the park later on. And, why did he target her specifically? Could he have been following her long before they had their first conversation? All will be revealed when this movie drops on Nov. 16 at 8 p.m. ET.