Jaclyn Hill Just Teased A New Product & Fans Already Have Theories

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Beauty gurus are making moves. From MannyMUA launching Lunar Beauty to Patrick Starrr's MAC collaboration, they're serious forces in the beauty industry. Now, though, people are wondering if a new Jaclyn Hill product is coming, adding yet another YouTuber product to their must-purchase lists.

Why are these theories swirling? Honestly, there are quite a few reasons. Hill has long been working on her own cosmetics line. Not only has she previously teased a potentially Hill-crafted lipstick, but she's revealed that the brand should launch in 2018. However, none of these former clues are why people are excited as of late. It's actually a recent hint from Hill herself.

In her most recent YouTube upload, Hill showed her subscribers how to get a glowing, full coverage winter look, but the video focused solely on her face. She chose to do her eye makeup off camera. Now, again, that's not really enough to cause some sort of Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics conspiracy theory.

What is though? Hill's description box.

At the bottom of the video, Hill lists the products that she uses on her face. In a sly move, Hill wrote that one of the things applied off camera was, "The Jaclyn Hill Palette & other things I'm working on ;)" Hello, theories galore.

In the rest of the description Hill wrote that she used Stila liquid eyeshadows alongside her palette and then listed her lip combination. The one thing Hill didn't mention? Lashes.

Fans of Hill know that she loves a great pair of fluffy lashes. If you follow her on social media, it's rare that she's not wearing a pair regardless the makeup look.

After beauty news account TrendMood was tipped off about Hill's comment in the description box and reported on it, fans immediately started speculating, and lashes certainly seemed to be the winner.

While TrendMood suggested an eyebrow product, people quickly said lashes.

Some fans were quick to point out Hill's penchant for lashes as futher proof that she could be developing her own.

Not everyone agreed with lashes, however. They suggested a second version of her Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette.

The real question, however, is whether or not the new product is from Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics or if it's in collaboration with Morphe. Her ultra successful palette (no, really, she has sold over 1 million products) was in collaboration with the affordable brand, and seemed to be a perfect fit. Why not give it a second go with a set (or multiple sets) of lashes? After all, if you've got an eyeshadow palette, why not keep the trend going with eye products?

Hill isn't exactly a stranger to collaborations. While her Morphe palette is the latest work she's done with a brand, even those who are not fans of the guru know about her BECCA Cosmetics collab. Her Champagne Pop highlighter became so popular that it's now a permanent addition to the BECCA line. Then, the brand paired up with Hill again to craft an entire collection called Champagne Glow. It is plausible that whatever her new product may be, it could be with a totally new brand — or from her own.

Whether Hill is working on lashes or a brow product or even a new version of her Morphe palette, fans will undoubtedly be excited. For them, everything Hill touches turns to gold. With her massive popularity and insane makeup skills, people expect a lot. But given the success of her past product, she doesn't seem to be one to let people down.