Fans Are Already Lining Up To Date Jason After 'The Bachelorette'

Paul Hebert/ABC

Amidst the onscreen bickering, the picture frame throwing, the bad karaoke singing, and the drama with former lovers, the few bright spots this season on The Bachelorette have been a breath of fresh air. One of those reliefs has been the resident heartthrob and seemingly baggage-free Jason, and it will honestly be a travesty if Becca doesn't choose him at the end. But even if she lets him go, something tells me there will be no shortage of ladies who will be lining up in her place. So is Jason single after The Bachelorette?

The disappointing truth is that we still can't know for sure, so hold your horses for the time being if you're ready to start wooing this potential runner-up. The finale isn't over yet. Becca and Jason obviously have feelings for each other, and he theoretically still could very well come out above Blake or Garrett. A look at his social media reveals a predictable nothing — he can't be blabbing all over the place if he's with Becca, or if he has a new girl on the horizon. Instead, he's avoiding spoilers by posting memories of the show, and of the friendships he formed there, as well as pictures of his mom, because he's precious.

His most recent post, in fact, is one he used to thank his parents, his brother, and his brother-in-law for their support throughout his journey with the show.

Jason has been the most unproblematic fave this season, or maybe even ever in Bachelor Nation history. Even aside from the events caught on camera, there have been plenty of controversies surrounding contestants, such as Lincoln who was convicted of indecent assault, or Garrett, who reportedly "liked" some questionable material on Instagram. Of course, there was also drama and confusion surrounding Colton and Tia's relationship recently which complicated things even more. Yet Jason has successfully flown under the radar for the most part, largely thanks to his lack of conflict with the other guys, and his apparent lack of skeletons in his closet. I mean, how can you hate this guy?

During hometown dates, Jason introduced Becca to his family, and it was clear that they were welcoming of her. He also accompanied her to a buffalo wing eating competition, and finally told her that he was falling in love with her. Jason's been one of the more closed off guys in terms of his feelings, and both he and Becca have acknowledged this. But that's almost made him more endearing, because he doesn't seem to be putting on a show or just telling her what he thinks a Bachelorette wants to see.

Fans have definitely taken to him, and are even lobbying for the possibility of Jason becoming the next Bachelor if Becca ends up sending him home.

Bachelor Nation Is Rooting For Him

"He is such a catch," wrote one Reddit user, Kxtreme16, in a thread about Jason being the potential next Bachelor. "Part of me feels like he’s too good for the Bachelor world, but the selfish part of me wants more Jason on my screen." Others are holding out an unrealistic, but totally understandable hope that Jason chooses one of Bachelor Nation as his next love if things with Becca don't work out. "I don’t [want him to be the next Bachelor], I want him to profess his love for me even though we’ve never met and has no clue I exist," wrote another user, Aquabaybe.

So, if Jason does happen to be single after his adorable stint on the show, there's no denying there's a pool of eligible ladies ready to leap on any opportunity they might get with him. And who knows — if viewers are blessed with a whole entire season of Jason as the Bachelor, nobody could reasonably be mad about that.