Is Jesse Quick Joining Team Flash? Wally Wants Jesse To Stay On 'The Flash'

Katie Yu/The CW

While Barry, Cisco, Caitlin and Julian were off looking for Harry and fighting massive gorillas in Gorilla City, Jesse held down the fort in Central City in The Flash's "Attack on Gorilla City." The last time we saw Jesse, she had just gotten used to her speedster powers and left Central City to be a budding new vigilante on Earth-2. And, despite the sad circumstances that brought her back (her dad being kidnapped by super gorillas), it looks like Jesse might be here to stay. So, is Jesse Quick joining Team Flash?

Jesse and Wally's inter-Earth romance hasn't been going as smoothly as they had hoped when they last said goodbye. It turns out that ever since he got his powers, he's been MIA and not keeping in touch with Jesse at all. (Seriously, Wally?) His excitement over his new powers, and his desire to show them off when the two go out into the field make her think that he never really liked her. She thinks maybe Wally wasn't attracted to her, but to her speed. Wally insisted that she completed him, not his powers, but she didn't quite believe him. After a pep talk from HR, of all people, Jesse decided to throw caution to the wind anyways. Jesse and Wally are officially a couple! And, not only did they finally make it official, Jesse also floated the idea of staying in Central City — permanently.


Jesse and Wally seem pretty happy with Jesse's decision to stay in Central City, but Jesse hasn't even run the idea past her dad yet. Needless to say, Jesse isn't officially joining Team Flash in Central City, at least not yet. Whether or not she becomes a permanent part of the team or not, Central City will probably be thankful to have a third speedster around when Grodd and his gorilla army come into town next week. Personally, I hope she sticks around. The Flash could use another badass female, and Wally would definitely be grateful.