'The Cry' Just Took A Super Dark Turn & Nobody Saw This One Coming


As the intense BBC drama The Cry continues, viewers are constantly trying to keep up with the many twists and turns of the story so far, and this week was certainly no different. After the first two episodes focused heavily on the disappearance of baby Noah and who might be responsible, this week, things took a surprising turn when father Alistair, portrayed by Ewen Leslie, was revealed to have been killed. Naturally, questions surrounding the circumstances of his death, and who might be involved have come into play. But who exactly is responsible? Is Joanna guilty of Alistair's death?

Upon discovering in episode three that Joanna (Jenna Coleman) is currently on trial for the murder of Alistair, it would be easy to jump to this conclusion, but what would the motivation be for Joanna to murder her own husband? Well, after a kidnapping cover-up which continues to be scrutinised by the authorities, and some quite sinister friction which has begun emerge between the pair, it turns out there could be a few. In the latest episode of the BBC series, viewers witnessed husband Alistair shift blame onto wife Joanna for the unfortunate fate of their baby Noah. Could this have pushed her over the edge?

Major spoilers are about to come your way, don't say I didn't warn you.


In the original book, it is in fact Alistair who was responsible for the untimely death of their infant son due to an accidental medicine overdose, not Joanna. If the TV series follows the book, and Joanna discovers that not only was she falsely accused, but that Alistair killed their son, she may very well have had reason to murder her husband. However, at the end of episode three, she pleads not guilty to murder. And to be fair, there are other suspects to be considered here.

The first being Alistair's ex-wife Alexandra, who has had quite the rocky relationship (to put it lightly) with the now deceased character over the years. After discovering her ex-husband was having an affair in their marital home, engaging in a custody battle, and being dragged into a faux-kidnapping case, could Alexandra be guilty of Alistair's death?

When discussing the details surrounding the BBC show's climax, executive producer Claire Mundell suggested that viewers might be able to work out the ending themselves by referring to the original novel, reports the Express. When asked if writers of The Cry had changed the ending of the book, Mundell joked, "I couldn’t possibly comment", and continued "Read the book. But read it after, because the ending is on page one."

Producer and director of the thriller, Glendyn Ivin, also shared some behind-the-scenes secrets, one of which turned out to be that baby Noah was in fact played by two different babies. When speaking of this, Glendyn commented, "Fortunately Noah was a twin so we were able to interchange the babies," and when continuing on to discuss the temperament of the tiny actors, added, "Noah and Oliver the twins, they were 6-weeks-old, and it’s pretty real. You put them down they cry, everyone gets very alert and you film. But then you take them off and they’re not crying anymore."

The final instalment of this gripping series is due to hit our screens next week, and all of our burning questions are sure to finally be answered. Sunday night couldn't come quick enough.