Is The Tickle Monster Single After 'The Bachelorette'


Jonathan “Tickle Monster” Treece may still be on the market after his Bachelorette appearance — if he didn't wind up with Rachel (which, come on). This contestant left a strong impression on his first appearance — arguably a little too strong — but since then has faded to the background amongst the many men all vying for Rachel’s heart. However, the Tickle Monster is far more than just the finger-wielding beast that his Bachelorette job title insists that he is. If the Tickle Monster is single after The Bachelorette, he could probably make a pretty good partner — assuming they’re OK with the intense amount of tickling that will occur.

Jonathan hasn’t had a lot of opportunities to showcase his charm and humor on The Bachelorette, aside from sporting some comically giant fake hands and doing his best to dance his heart out during the shows visit to Ellen. However, it seems that this tickle titan walked away from The Bachelorette partner-less. There’s no indication on his limited social media presence that he ended up with Rachel, or has managed to find another partner in his time since The Bachelorette. But despite his tickle-centric Bachelorette personality, it seems like there's plenty of room in his life for non-tickle activities and a possible partner in the future. Here's what Jonathan is up to in his post-Bachelorette life.

Hangin' Ten

According to his Instagram, it seems that Jonathan's deepest passion is tickling the waves of New Smyrna Beach with his surfboard! Any partner of Jonathan's can expect to be spending a lot of time in the sun whether it's summer, fall, winter, or spring.

Spending Time With His Best Friend

No good tickle monster is complete without a tickle sidekick, and is seems that Jonathan has that in spade. He has multiple posts chronicling his adventures with his best friend, whether it's lounging on a massive inflatable flamingo or doing to Puerto Rico for an "awesome #weekend with the #bros". Any parter of Jonathan's should expect plenty of company and group trips.

Spending Time With His REAL Best Friend

Nothing can compare to man's best friend. This dog's name is presumably Sheeba, judging from the Instagram hashtags, and seems to always have food on the brain. Jonathan's self-assessment of himself as someone with surfing on the mind at all times seems to be accurate as well.

Growing Out His Hair

If you're not a fan of Jonathan's slick haircut, fear not. He seems to be willing to don traditional surfer-locks given the time to grow them out. While the long hair may be unconventional for a doctor, which is this tickle monster's true profession, it's never too late to grow one's hair out be free amongst the sea.

Enjoying A Sunset

From what can be gathered on his Instagram, Jonathan seems to be a nice person who enjoys a good surf session and spending time with the people that matter to him. Even if he doesn't end up with Rachel, it seems like Jonathan is a prime bachelor who could find his own partner one day. A great first step to that would probably be to not have your entire personality revolve around the fact that you like to tickle others, but these things take time.