I Tried Kat Von D's Liquid Lash Liner — And The Results Even Surprised Me

Liquid eyeliners specifically designed for the upper and outer lash line and the cat eye flick are a makeup bag basic. But a liquid eyeliner that accents and defines the inner and lower lash line aka the waterline? Wait, what? But that's exactly what Kat Von D's newly launched Lash Liner is and does.

While putting a wet product in a wet area would seem to be a recipe for a runny, sooty mess, Lash Liner hugs your bottom lash waterline. It stays put and doesn't melt, migrate, or wear away.

Full disclosure: I was expecting this product to disappoint me, despite Kat Von D Beauty cosmetic offerings rarely — if ever— doing so.

That's simply due to the fact that a liquid lash liner seemed so... counterintuitive.

To counteract the waterline's general wetness, a creamy pencil or super adherent kohl formula has alway been my go-to. I expect and accept that I have to re-apply eyeliner to that region throughout the day in order to keep my brown eyes rimmed in black. This is a fact of black eyeliner life that you learn to deal with when you define your waterline.

I approached Lash Liner thinking it would be messy and smudgy. I figured it would irritate my eyes and sting 'n' stick to my contact lenses.

Since vision is a critical sense and contact lenses can become quickly irritated by various particles and environmental factors, I was legit concerned about Lash Liner leaving me with angry eyes. That was more of a concern than being left with raccoon eyes.

Don't get me wrong, though. The notion of looking like Lauren Conrad when she cried that single, iconic, and black mascara-infused tear on an episode of The Hills back in the day was not a look I wanted to replicate, either.

None. Of. The. Above. Scenarios. Happened. Lash Liner ended up being a gift from the makeup deities.

Kat Von D is going to disrupt the eyeliner category with this innovation.

It's not even an innovation. The product is as revolutionary as it gets. The key is the brush head, which is dispenses the right amount of product, and proper application.

Here's how I made Lash Liner work for me. I dipped the brush and scraped any thick excess on the rim of the tube. The trick is to gently and gingerly pull the lower lash down with a pinky. Then, rather than draw a line from end to end, I dabbed dots along my lower lash line.

Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

I then connected those dots by slowly and carefully dabbing with the brush. The technique allowed for more controlled application. I held my eye open for about 20 seconds to allow Lash Liner to dry. Once the product sets, it stays put for the rest of the day and deep into the night.

Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

You can build coverage to be smoky, sooty, or precise.

Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

It's darker and more adherent than anything else I've used. I required a powerful makeup remover to take it off once I was done for the night.

Lash Liner goes the distance without irritating eyes during application or upon removal. You should always be careful because the eyes are precious and sensitive. But this miracle in a tube was not a source of discomfort for my eyes or contact lenses.

More KVDB liners are coming. On Aug. 20, the brand will drop its new Dagger eyeliner. On Sept. 20, it's mega matte liquid liner, in Trooper black and other colors, will make its grand entrance into our lives and onto our lids.

Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

If you've been ISO a waterline liner that stays all day, you've found it with Lash Liner.