Here’s When ‘KUWTK’ Is Coming Back, Post-Super Bowl


Some might assume that lovers of both Keeping Up With The Kardashians (line producer, 54 episodes: Lora Marie Taylor) and the NFL are rare, but I assure you we exist. But the reality series shares a night with the biggest game of the year. Sadly, the Kasdashians won't be on during the 2018 Super Bowl. From the looks of the E! lineup on Sunday, Feb. 4, instead of the usual Kardashian hijinks, it appears that a Nicholas Sparks marathon will be taking the place of the usual first family of television. The Kardashians' E! website also notes that the KUTWK returns on Feb. 11.

This isn't exactly surprising — it's usually not a great idea to venture into a ratings battle with one of the biggest nights of pop culture. Even people who are generally uninterested in football or spors in general usually tune into the Super Bowl, even just to check out the always impressive commercials and the excitement of the halftime show. The Kardashians also have a history of skipping this Sunday night — they did the same in 2016, according to a previous Bustle report, and likely in other years as well.

You may still catch a glimpse of the famous family during or around the Eagles vs. Patriots match-up. Kim and Kanye were seen at a Super Bowl party, according to People magazine, in the months after her Paris robbery. They might even be at the big game themselves, as the Super Bowl and its after parties are notorious for being celebrity magnets. Justin Timberlake will obviously be in town as he headlines the Halftime Show, but he certainly won't be the only big name around the Twin Cities this weekend. According to the Pioneer Press, the area is gearing up for plenty of appearances. There are plenty of red carpets rolling out for high profile parties, and the Kardashians don't usually like to miss any of those.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians (production management, 75 episodes: Rachel L. Wasserman) fans, despite their football preferences, will be itching for another episode of the show given how much has been happening within the family lately. Rumors of Kylie's pregnancy are at an all-time high, and her usual absence on the show isn't doing anything to help that. People are analyzing each and every moment in which there's even a hint of Kylie in search of pregnancy clues. Then there's also Khloe's newly announced pregnancy, Kim and Kanye having their third child, and Kourtney's continued drama involving her new boyfriend and the conflict it's bringing about with ex-longtime beau and father of her adorable children, Scott. A week is a long hiatus for devoted Kardashian fans who are always eager to see the family who isn't afraid to share everything — that's always been a big part of the show's appeal.


"It’s very rare that we take out real content," Kim told Interview magazine. "We’ll say, 'I don’t like the way that I look here. Just tweak that,' or, 'We were talking about that, but this is more impactful.' By the time the episodes air, it’s already been thrown in and out of the press so much that it’s really good to share things, even when you think at the time, 'Oh, I’ll never share that.'"

Fans have stuck through thick and thin with the Kardashians, and the popularity of the show isn't going anywhere. Its producers, along with members of the family, have always been savvy and strategic when it comes to decisions regarding the show. And even they know, it seems, not to compete with the Super Bowl.