Kevin Could Be Hearing Wedding Bells In 'This Is Us' Season 2

Kate may not be the only member of the Pearson family who will be hearing wedding bells soon. Series creator Dan Fogelman shared a photo on Twitter that should have fans asking will Kevin propose in This Is Us Season 2? In a new picture, Kevin is seen wearing a tux as he kneels down and offers a ring to someone in what looks to be one of those magical hotels with a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower. Could Kevin be proposing to Sophie after leaving her in New York City so he could head to L.A. to film a Ron Howard movie? Maybe, but that's not the most likely scenario.

Few showrunners love to surprise their audience as much as Fogelman does, so it's hard to believe he would reveal a plot point as major as Kevin proposing on Twitter. Also, the whole scene is a little too perfect. A guy like Kevin is unlikely to fly to Paris, don a suit, and drop to one knee to propose. He wants to be that guy, but he's still far too impulsive. He's definitely more of a blurt out a proposal in the middle of the street kind of man.

It seems far more likely that this photo is of Kevin on the set of one of his projects. He is filming a World War II movie, so perhaps his character proposes before heading off to battle. Or maybe Kevin's career has taken off in a major way since the end of Season 1, and this image is from an entirely different role that he's working on. Given the picture perfect setting this proposal seems destined to be a fake-out.

Just because Sophie is unlikely to be the woman standing just out of frame, doesn't mean this isn't foreshadowing for what's to come next for Kevin. He made it clear that even though he's pursuing his acting career in L.A., he's not giving up his chance to get back together with his ex-wife. Long distance is hard, but Kevin and Sophie are going to try and make it work.

If Kevin is filming a proposal scene, then you can bet Sophie will be on his mind. Hopefully, he's wise enough to know that rushing their relationship would be a mistake, but a grand gesture to show her he's committed could be exactly what these two need — as long as he leaves the engagement ring at home.

There's a definite possibility that Kevin could be in the right frame of mind to propose to Sophie by the end of Season 2. And whatever's going on in this scene may be a big hint that Kevin will be ready to make a lifetime commitment soon. Just not in the season premiere.

Still, there's another option that must be considered, and it could be slightly distressing for Sophie/Kevin shippers. Given This Is Us' penchant for playing with time, this scene could be a flash-forward. Don't put it past this tearjerker of a show to reveal Kevin proposing in the future to someone who's not Sophie. Not only would it break the hearts of fans of the couple, it would also introduce yet another Pearson family mystery. Namely, why did Sophie and Kevin breakup this time, and how did he end up with someone new?

Even though it's a family drama, This Is Us loves its twists, so you can bet that whatever is going on during Kevin's proposal scene is not straightforward. For now, you'll just have to wait and tune into the Season 2 premiere on Sept. 26 to see what Kevin does next.