Kim Zolciak Might Be Done With 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' For Good This Time

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For everyone who's been following the seemingly nonstop onscreen rivalry between Real Housewives of Atlanta veterans Kim Zolciak-Biermann and NeNe Leakes during the show's most recent tenth season, Sunday night's upcoming "Reunion Part Two" episode might just be must-see TV. A handful of media outlets are claiming that Kim Zolciak -Biermann said she's done with RHOA. And, if the recent medley of affirmative reports are any indication, it seems like the longtime Housewives star might actually be done for good.

"I think she's done, yeah," said Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen last week, responding to a question from E! News about his personal thoughts regarding the Zolciak-related departure buzz, and whether he thinks the rumors are legit. Then, in referencing the explosive drama that erupted between Zolciak and RHOA co-star Leakes while filming the show's season 10 reunion (the first leg of which aired last week on Bravo, with two reunion episodes still to come), Cohen spoke in slightly less uncertain terms, saying,

"[Kim] walked out of that reunion and I was like, 'OK, I've seen the last of that wig at these reunions.'"

As to whether the reports of Zolciak's rumored departure from RHOA will end up holding any real weight, Bravo's reps have managed to maintain a pretty tight lid on that one — at least, for now. According to a Saturday, April 14, report by E! News, the network said it's "too early" to stipulate about next season's casting decisions, since the current season hasn't yet completed its full, 21-episode run.

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According to a recent report by TMZ, when the news outlet caught up with her at LAX Saturday, April 14, Zolciak reportedly confirmed the rumors that she's walking away from her Housewives spot, for a second time. And, judging by TMZ's report, Zolciak seems pretty adamant about her decision, saying that, this time, she's walking away for good. The RHOA star — or, perhaps, soon-to-be former RHOA star, if the reports do end up proving themselves to be legitimate — reportedly told TMZ that the show caused her "too much stress." No real shocker there, as those who bore witness to last season's, or pretty much any other season's, drama could easily corroborate. So, for that reason, Zolciak told TMZ that she's "never, never" returning to RHOA. Yes, that's not one, but two "nevers."

That could have something to do with Zolciak and Leakes' long-held feud, which seems like it could come to a head during the second reunion episode. On Friday, April 13, People released a particularly drama-ridden preview video ahead of Sunday night's RHOA season 10 "Reunion Part Two" episode. The outlet teased a so-called "face-off" between Zolciak and Leakes, and after watching the women's heated back-and-forth play out in the clip, it looks like that description was, sadly, pretty on-point. In it, Leakes angrily calls Zolciak a "liar," and Zolciak appears to storm off the Bravo stage.

Moses Robinson/Bravo

Trying to gauge whether the intense ordeal will actually prove to be as serious as it looks is a bit difficult, primarily because Zolciak has left the show before, also by way of a remarkably heated, unanticipated onscreen exit. For any of the relatively newer Housewives enthusiasts out there, here's a quick recap of how Zolciak's first departure went down: After having been on the show since its 2008 debut, Zolciak left RHOA halfway through filming its fifth season, when she was nearly eight months pregnant with her now 5-year-old son, Kash Kade. In a blog post explaining her decision, Zolciak said, "It was no longer worth it to me and my unborn son to be in a constant state of turmoil."

Bravo promptly offered her a spin-off series called Don't Be Tardy (a clever play on Zolciak's 2009 dance hall track of a similar name), and that show is currently gearing up for its seventh season with the network. And, some four years later, Zolciak made a somewhat tepid return to RHOA, making a cameo appearance during the show's season 9 finale. She only returned for season 10 in a sort of "recurring guest" role.

But, despite the fact that Zolciak has backpedaled on her departure decision once before, Cohen certainly isn't the only person who seems to think that, this time, the reality star is really serious about leaving. In fact, when E! News host Jason Kennedy inquired about Zolciak's potential exit in his conversation with Cohen last week, he also seemed pretty convinced that the departure rumors are true.

"I was doing a Skype with Kim Zolciak [and] she told me she is done with the Housewives," he told Cohen. Continuing, Kennedy said, "She's tired of the NeNe stuff and said that this is over." (For any scorned fans who need to see it to believe it, the hosts discuss Zolciak's rumored departure around the video's 1:40 mark.)

At this point, whether Zolciak will actually be leaving her RHOA throne for good remains a little bit murky. Either way, if history is any indication, she probably won't be out of sight for too long.