Kim Kardashian's Newest Product Isn't Necessarily Innovative, But It's Kira Kira Eye Candy

Iridescent, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, Copper, and Bronze KKW beauty ultra beams highlighters glosses
Courtesy of KKW Beauty

Kim Kardashian may have just finished launching a majorly successful fragrance, but the reality television star turned beauty mogul certainly isn't slowing down. KKW Beauty's Ultra Light Beam Highlighters and Glosses have officially been unveiled. Of course, fans will want to know when they'll be launching, what the price point it, and how they look swatched, but there may be an even more important question to ask yourself. Are they worth it?

For mega-fans of Kim Kardashian and KKW Beauty, purchasing the Ultra Light Beam Highlighters is a no-brainer. If you've already got a veritable arsenal of KKW products, then the Ultra Light Beams will undoubtedly be added to your collection. If, however, you're only an occasional KKW Beauty shopper, there are some things to weigh before making the plunge into sold out city (which is inevitably where all KKW products end up).

Perhaps the most notable element of the latest launch is that it's not a single product. When you shop Ultra Light Beam, you won't just be grabbing a highlighter. They actually come bundled with a matching lip gloss. While you can buy each of the five colors separately — Iridescent, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Bronze, and Copper — they're paired with a lippie in the same shade.

Courtesy of KKW Beauty

Hearing that the latest launch is not one but two products will, of course, raise questions about the cost. However, potential KKW Beauty shoppers shouldn't worry too much. Individual Ultra Light Beam Highlighters will retail for $32, and that includes the gloss. Once you break it down, that's only $16 per product. And it's KKW Beauty's least expensive launch yet.

Courtesy of KKW Beauty

As of press time, no details were known about the exact size of the products. However, there is a reference point that you can use to determine whether or not Ultra Light Beam is worth your cash, and that's Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie Jenner's brand has similar products, and that makes it the perfect comparison when it comes to price points. Jenner's glosses retail for $15 — $1 cheaper than KKW — and contain 0.09 fl oz. If the new KKW Ultra Light Beam glosses are even just a bit over that amount, they're definitely worth shopping. Only time will tell.

Courtesy of KKW Beauty

The same comparison can be made between Jenner's Ultra Glow Loose Pigment Highlighters. Those retail for a mere $14, and contain 4 grams of product. While KKW hasn't released the exact product amount, the two highlighters are still only $2 apart from one another in price.

Courtesy of KKW Beauty

Just because the products happen to make great fodder for comparison shopping, don't think the sisters have any sort of rivalry. Kardashian explained to Bustle that she and Jenner keeps lines of communication open about their work in the beauty industry.

"We talk about all of our products and everything that we are doing, and we definitely made sure we have completely different products and different formulas and different everything," Kardashian explained, "We’re really good like that. We communicate really well just to make sure that we’re not having the same exact thing."

Courtesy of KKW Beauty

Individually, the Ultra Light Beams appear to be worth the price. However, all five hues also come in a bundle. If you're a hardcore stan for Kardashian, is the bundle the way to go?

There's a bit of bad news on this front. While most bundled products score customers a discount, the KKW Ultra Light Beam bundle will not. It retails for $160, the exact price of buying all five shade individually. The biggest benefit of the bundle? Ease of shopping.

If you love KKW Beauty, Kim Kardashian, or a glow that's basically Kira Kira goals, the Ultra Light Beam Collection appears to be worth it. But hey, the final call is between you, your bank account, and your Kardashian obsession.