Is Kristina Single After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Her Days With Dean Are Pretty Much Over

Paul Hebert/ABC

Kristina Schulman is a popular fan favorite on this season of Bachelor In Paradise, but I’m not sure that it’s extending to her love life on the show. Just when Kristina seemed cozy with Dean, he chose to go on a date with Danielle L., leaving Kristina in the dust. Sigh. But filming is over and Mexico is a distant past, so is Kristina single after Bachelor In Paradise?

Not sure about the rest of you, but I first fell in love with Kristina on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor. Sure, she flew under the radar a bit at first, but she was open and vulnerable about her complicated childhood growing up as an orphan in Russia (it’s like a book, only it’s real life), and even though Nick didn’t pick her, she was gracious the whole time. This nature is probably running out on Bachelor In Paradise, though. She thought things were good with Dean — the two even hung out when filming was on hiatus — only to find that she put all of her eggs in one basket and Dean was locking lips with Danielle L. This is some dating nonsense, but hey — it’s where we are. Next, Kristina mourned the fact that she turned down Adam because she was waiting for Dean. Kristina, girl — listen to me. You should wait for no man, OK? You are a catch. Evan Bass thinks so, too.

In any case, being the deft social media stalker that I am, I hit her channels to see if Kristina gave any hints to whom she’s been hanging out with. Kristina is an active tweeter of Bachelor In Paradise, and she’s not happy about how she’s been treated on the show.

I can’t blame her — I’ve gotten my feelings hurt, too, and it really sucks when you’re into someone much more than he or she is into you. Luckily, Wells Adams, bartender extraordinaire, was there to comfort her. While I don’t know if Kristina is into anyone else in Paradise, I can tell that she’s been very vague about who she’s spent time with since the show wrapped. For instance, she’s not hanging out with one person from the show — she’s hanging out with all of them!

But before you feel sorry that Kristina is all alone or something, fear not — it seems she's getting plenty of online offers now that Bachelor In Paradise is airing.

Oh, I think it's a thing now, girlfriend! Who needs an indecisive, "have-his-cake-and-eat-it-too" guy like Dean (even though I love him, he's not being fair) when you can have your pick of the whole of the Internet? While we don't know just who, if anyone, Kristina is dating right now, I think she's going to be just fine.