Kylie Jenner Changed The Formula Of One Of Her Most Popular Products & It's Really For The Best

Changes abound for Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie Jenner is changing her lip gloss formula — and the brand is debuting the new High Gloss texture in the much-anticipated Kylie x Jordyn Woods makeup collection. This BFF collection drops on Friday, Sept. 21 at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT and effectively ushers in the autumn season. The collection features two gloss shades. Yes, they are beautiful.

There's the golden and glittery 23 and the muted and beigey nude Partner in Crime. Both are high on shine and offer that sexy, wet-look lip that was big in the '70s.

Jenner has a medium-sized and well-curated selection of glosses in her suite of products. But for the most part, she traffics in liquid and bullet matte lippies. She popularized the ultra precise, pigmented, and velvet lip look. While gloss has largely faded into the rear view when it comes to lip products after enjoying serious dominance in the '00s, Jenner is bringing back major, megawatt, and statement shine with the High Glosses.

Jenner and Woods have been wearing the super shiny glosses in so many of their Insta posts on their personal pages and in the brand's campaign images.

But... what's so different about the formula?

That's not abundantly obvious. Bustle reached out to Kylie Cosmetics reps for further information on the formula change and to inquire exactly how it's different. In addition to further shine, the formula could be smoother. It could be changes that are so subtle that they aren't noticeable to the wearer.

For now, fans, shoppers, and lip product lovers can enjoy images of the duo displaying these glosses. It's worth noting that the Kylie x Jordyn collection does not feature a Lip Kit. There is, however, a previously issued Jordyn Velvet Lip Kit in a rich shade of raspberry red.

So pretty.

So shiny.

The lip gloss formula isn't the only one that is evolving. Jenner also teased that she has slightly changed her matte Lip Kit liquid lipstick formula for a new shade called "Kylie." She shared that it's the "perfect nude" and that she tinkered with the best-selling formula a bit. She also revealed in an Insta story that she made the accompanying Kylie liner slightly darker than the liquid lipstick for the first time ever.

While the Lip Kit is Jenner's hero product, changing the texture and the configuration for a new color is beyond awesome. She is constantly offering choices to customers. Jenner didn't indicate if these lip product formula changes are one-offs for these shades/collections only or if she would be changing the formulas for future shades and/or for the current repertoire. All that is known is that the High Glosses and the a new Lip Kit named after her have different formulas.

Change keeps things interesting, especially when it comes to makeup. Jenner has established her brand as on trend and constantly evolving to add new products and shades.

Jenner and Woods are showing off some seriously glistening lips. You can rock the High Glosses over top your fave lip shade or slay 'em solo.

You'll be able to gloss 'n' go with High Gloss very soon.