7 Major 'Love Island' Continuity Errors That'll Have You Head In Hands All Over

Love Island / ITV

It's common knowledge that no reality show is 100 percent real in the sense that it's untouched by producers. It's an irony that Alanis Morissette would be proud of. But Love Island has always felt (at least to me) like one of the more organic telly formats. But as of late, people have been asking, is Love Island real?

Let's look at the facts. While it's known that yes, producers scout contestants rather than rely solely on members of the public applying, once the Islanders are in that villa, according to ITV, the resulting drama is all real; from rows over the latest re-coupling to squabbles over tasks. However, this year, fans have noted some continuity errors that have them questioning things a little. So many people have been asking if the show is staged that I now find myself wondering the same thing. So what's the truth?

In order to make my mind up I'm casting an eye back over some of this year's most controversial moments, that have sent social media into meltdown. Now The Sun has reported that Georgia has claimed her and Jack's kiss was shot more than once, and quoted Ellie Jones in saying that she was told to mention that Danny Dyer poster, people are wondering what's going on. Well, there's only one way to find out. Let's analyse the evidence.

Georgia & Jack's Kiss

This will almost certainly go down as one of the most talked-about moments in Love Island history. After banging on for weeks about how "loyal" and "honest" she is, Georgia took Jack (the partner of her best friend in the villa, Laura) out on a date and kissed him for all the world to see. She then denied kissing him and suggested he kissed her. Of course, he claimed the opposite and the drama got intense AF.

However, videos then surfaced suggesting the kiss was filmed more than once. Following her exit from the villa, Georgia confirmed fan theories to The Sun, the kiss was shot twice. So was it staged? An ITV spokesperson categorically tells me this is not the case, but doesn't go into any further detail.

Samira & Frankie's Night In The Hideaway

A lot of people were baffled when Samira was devastated by Frankie's departure. As far as the viewers were concerned, he'd come in and tried to crack on with Megan, then coupled up with Samira when he couldn't get what he wanted. We'd barely seen them getting on, how could their relationship be that strong?

Well, it turns out, there was a lot we didn't see. According to Frankie, he and Samira had shared a night in the Hideaway, reports The Sun. Wait, what? The revelation, combined with Frankie and Samira's obvious affection for each other post Love Island, suggests their relationship was misrepresented on screen. ITV argues that the omission was due to the format of the show: "It is not possible to show everything that happens in the villa due to time constraints," a spokesperson explained. "There are a number of couples whose time in the Hideaway has not been shown."

Georgia's Nails During The Beach Bar Twist

Georgia's beach bar meltdown was all the more epic for its spectacular setting, but the coastal views weren't the only thing viewers noticed. After the episode aired, fans posted pictures which seemed to suggest a confusing continuity error. In one clip, Georgia can be seen with an immaculate manicure which appears to include false nails and nude polish, while in the other she has short au naturel nails. An ITV spokesperson wouldn't go into detail, did tell me: "It is absolutely untrue to suggest that Love Island is fake."

Rosie's Argument With Adam

Remember Rosie's showdown with Adam? She gave him the telling off viewers had been longing for, while he sat and rolled his eyes at her tears. But his now girlfriend Zara has claimed that Rosie's words might not have been as spontaneous as they seemed. She told The Sun: "What the viewers don't know is that Rosie had been planning that chat all day. She'd written out the whole speech on her phone and had been rehearsing it. It wasn't a conversation, it was a speech and that's why Adam found it a bit funny." She probably wouldn't be the first person in the world to prepare a speech to an ex in advance if this is true. When asked, ITV simply again denied that anything in the show is fake.

New Ellie's Row With Ex-Boyfriend Jack

After leaving the villa, Ellie claimed that she and Jack had a row over her telling his girlfriend Dani that he has a poster of her dad (Danny Dyer) hanging above hie bed. However, the reported argument bizarrely didn't make the final edit. "He was angry about the situation," she told The Sun. "He then apologised and we were fine the next day."

She also claimed that producers asked her to mention the poster, sorry canvas, when she spoke to Dani. An ITV spokesperson tells me: "The opinions they have, decisions they make, and the relationships formed are completely within the control of the Islanders themselves."

Moving Glass During New Jack & Laura's Chat

While most people were focused on the heartbreak written all over Laura's face during her break-up chat with Jack, some eagle-eyed viewers spotted something that appeared to suggest the scene may have been shot more than once.

Watch it again, and you'll notice that one minute, Laura's wine glass was behind her, just peeking out above a cushion, then the next, it had magically appeared in front of her. Confused? Me too.

Once again, a spokesperson for ITV denied the scene was staged, however, did explain that things have to be edited for clarity and time-saving: "As we have said before, it is not possible to show everything that happens in the villa due to time constraints."

Alexandra Knowing Kaz & Megan Before The Show

When Islanders have a previous connection, as with old Jack's ex Ellie, the producers usually make you aware of it. Which is why Love Island fans are still confused as to why Alexandra and Megan's connection hasn't been referenced at all in the show. The pair appeared together in a music video for Giggs' "Lock Doh", in which they get pretty close, and there are also pictures of the pair on Twitter. So why haven't they mentioned it? Perhaps they discussed it off air?

But Megan isn't the only Islander Alexandra seems to have met before touching down in Majorca. Social media sleuths have discovered one of Kaz's Instagrams in which she credits Alexandra as the makeup artist on a shoot, but there's a chance this doesn't mean as much as people might think. "They are both make-up artists so their paths may have crossed professionally," an ITV spokesperson explains, "but that’s as far as it goes, and this post doesn’t actually confirm that they would have met before."


There you have it, folks. You can make your mind up for yourself. Is it all just a figment of my imagination? Am I really called Aimée? Is this the matrix? Send help!