All The Evidence That Madison Ends Up Single After 'The Bachelor'

Madison may have accepted Peter's rose last week on The Bachelor, but she was so hesitant about it, she almost didn't show up for the ceremony. That lack of certainty might be the first sign that Madison ends up single after the show. In fact, she may leave on her own accord.

Whether or not you agree with Madison's not-an-ultimatum-but-actually-an-ultimatum to Peter, she made it very clear that she would have a difficult time moving forward if he were to be intimate with any of the other women. He knew this going into the Fantasy Suite dates, but he still wanted to explore his physical connections with the other contestants. When he was honest about this with Madison, she, uh, didn't take it great. That she ultimately accepted his rose suggests that she's trying to put this speed bump behind her, but that may be easier said than done.

In the promo for the two-night finale, Madison has a conversation with Peter's parents that doesn't seem to go very well — particularly when Peter's dad asks her if she thinks she and Peter are completely compatible. That question may hit a nerve and bring all of her old concerns back to the surface. "I feel like I'm hanging on by a thread," she tells Peter.

The theory from there is that Madison will self-eliminate. This lines up with what we see in the preview, between Chris Harrison dropping some big news on Peter just before the final rose ceremony and Peter's mom saying "Bring her home to us." Will Peter go after Madison like Colton did with Cassie last season? Will he simply choose Hannah Ann, leaving Madison single?

Unsurprisingly, none of Madison's social media accounts provide any clues about her current romantic status, but when Peter tells her in the preview that he wants them to "get through this," she asks him incredulously, "How?"

The two are clearly on different pages when it comes to both religion and sex, and Madison's trust in Peter has now been broken. If she's already having doubts heading into the final rose ceremony, it's difficult to envision her accepting a proposal. That doesn't necessarily mean she's single now (she and Peter could just choose to keep dating without getting engaged), but it's looking more and more likely that she walks away from this experience alone.