Madison & Peter Have A Lot Of Rough Moments Ahead Of Them On 'The Bachelor'

Madison on Peter's season of The Bachelor
Francisco Roman/ABC

Madison is the only contestant out of the final four women on The Bachelor that Peter hasn't had any sort of drama with. In many ways, she seems poised to be the one Peter chooses in the end. However, the upcoming episodes appear to provide some clues that Madison doesn't win The Bachelor. Previews for The Bachelor are notoriously unreliable, but the most trailers for hometown dates and the rest of the season tease that Peter and Madi will be facing some major untraversed obstacles in their relationship. These potential problems are less superficial and more based on their fundamental values, so these clues hint that a marriage proposal may not be in the cards for Peter and Madi.

They Don't Share The Same Religious Views

Beyond it being slightly a red flag that Madi didn't tell Peter how religious she is until Week 7, they also don't have the same level of faith. While Peter was raised in a Christian household like Madi, he didn't call himself a Christian. Instead, he said, "I do feel like my faith could be stronger and I do struggle with that sometimes." He said faith was important to him and that Madi's belief was an inspiration to him, but that might not be enough for them to become partners for life.

Peter Has A Lot To Live Up To

Madi's close relationship with her father most likely means that Peter will have a brutal hometown date. In Madi's intro video, she hints that her dad has a protective side when she says, "Dad, I know you've been there for me my whole life, but don't worry. I got this. I'm ready." If Peter doesn't meet his standards, Madi's dad might not approve of their relationship. Typically, the Bachelors archaically ask the women's dads if it would be OK to propose. But with their religious disparities and the fact that Peter's dating three other women, Madi's dad might not give his blessing.

That didn't stop Colton and Cassie from getting together last season, but it would be an added challenge — especially knowing that Madi values her dad's opinion so much.


She Hasn't Told Peter That She's Waiting For Marriage

Similar to how it took Madi a bit of time to tell him how religious she is, she says in the preview for hometown dates that she hasn't told him yet that she's waiting for marriage to have sex. Madi is very obviously entitled to make that choice for herself and knowing Peter, he will be very understanding of Madi's decision. The issue instead could come down to how long it took Madi to tell him this. Another potential problem? Peter is a sexual person, as the whole windmill situation with Hannah Brown made abundantly clear, which leads us to our next clue ...

The "Ultimatum"

Of course, Bachelor previews are edited within an inch of their lives. But Madi does say in the trailer for the final episodes, "If he sleeps with anybody else, it's going to be hard for me to continue to move forward." (While it may be unrelated, Victoria F. can be heard talking about another contestant giving Peter an "ultimatum.") Peter is also heard saying, "I don't want this just to feel like it's all about sex, but six days prior, I was intimate with someone else." It's unclear if Peter is talking to Madi. But "ultimatum" or not, she may struggle to know Peter had sex with another contestant and it could be a breaking point for them.

Based on these clues, it seems more like Madi may not win because she chooses not to stay with Peter rather than the other way around. But if that's the case, the drama between these two may stem from Peter not wanting to let her go.