This $7 Concealer Is A Dupe For Tarte's Shape Tape & The Internet Is Completely Obsessed

Will anyone turn down a good budget buy? There's probably someone, but for most, affordable products that actually perform well are basically holy grails — especially in the expensive world of beauty. Now, there may be a Tarte Shape Tape Dupe, and beauty vloggers are testing out the new product to give their subscribers the low down.

In the past few days, YouTube reviews have been popping up on Makeup Revolution's Conceal & Define Concealers. If the name of the brand sounds familiar to you, there's probably a good reason. They're a well-known creator of alternatives to high-end makeup. While some have spoken out against the brand for recreating high-end product (most notably Kat Von D), it hasn't dampened their popularity. In fact, with this latest launch, it may even grow.

The Conceal & Define Concealers' packaging doesn't look exactly like Tarte Shape Tape, but it does have a similar doe foot applicator. As for any other similarities, they aren't visible in terms of product design or description. However, it appears as though the commonalities lie in the way the concealer performs, wears, and lasts on the skin.

For many beauty vloggers, they testing the new Makeup Revolution concealer directly against Shape Tape, and the results may surprise you.

As for why they chose Shape Tape for the comparison when there aren't many visible similarities? It could very well be a result of the controversy surrounding Tarte in the beauty community.

While the Shape Tape Concealer itself isn't under scrutiny, the sister foundation is. Tarte announced that they were turning their hit product into a foundation, and at first, fans were stoked. Fast forward a few days, and you've got an internet firestorm. Tarte's Shape Tape Foundation range was being criticized by fans for a lack of inclusivity. Ultimately, some YouTubers (like Alissa Ashley) declared both the concealer and foundation canceled.

If Shape Tape is no longer something you feel comfortable wearing as a result of how Tarte handled the announcement of the foundation, these beauty vloggers may have just found you a new must-have.

Alissa Ashley

Alissa Ashley breaks down how the concealer performs, its shade range, and why you should give it a try. The good news, she totally recommends it, but find out why by watching her video.

Lustre Lux

LustreLux's review talks about her skin texture and the way the product wears. If you want to see a nightly check-in to see how it holds up, she's your lady.

Laura Lee

Laura Lee is a pro at finding drugstore products. From her full-face videos to first impressions, she knows how to locate a dupe. How does she feel about the new Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define? She's letting you know here.

Shantania Beckford

Want to see if you can highlight and contour with the new Makeup Revolution? Shantania does both in a super in-depth review and comparison to Tarte's cult classic Shape Tape.

Too Much Mouth

Creasing? Oiliness? Too Much Mouth checks in and gives you everything you need to know about how the latest from Makeup Revolution wears throughout the day.

If you want to try one of the 18 shades of Makeup Revolution's Conceal & Define, the product hit the online shelves of Ulta on Jan. 23, and they're officially up for grabs in store now. You can also snag the product over at the brand's official website.

For only $7, you can have the drugstore's seemingly next big thing. With gurus raving over it (even in comparison to the high-end Shape Tape) and that killer price point, this is certainly one product you've go to try.