How Mallory Could Actually Reverse The Apocalypse On 'AHS'

Kurt Iswarienko/FX

Just a couple of weeks ago, fans were beginning to wonder whether Mallory might be a witch. Now, they're asking if Mallory is the Supreme on AHS: Apocalypse. That's quite a transformation for the character, who in only a few episodes has evolved from a mousy personal assistant to perhaps the most powerful witch to ever grace the AHS franchise. Is it possible, then, that she could be the one to save the world? Or are the remaining Apocalypse survivors doomed to Michael Langdon's wrath for good?

Viewers got their first taste of Mallory's true power during a flashback to Miss Robichaux's Academy, when Zoe Benson was training a class of fresh recruits by teaching them how to change the color of a rose. Mallory went above and beyond the requirements of the lesson, changing her white rose into a blue one… and then transforming the petals into fluttering butterflies. Even Cordelia Goode — the reigning Supreme — seemed impressed by this particular display of magic.

Mallory got even more impressive in another scene: coming upon a dead deer, the witch-in-training not only healed its gaping wounds, but also turned the doe back into a fawn in the process.

Of course, viewers have seen things brought back from the dead before — multiple times this season, in fact — but what Mallory did here is different. She not only resurrected the animal, she somehow reverted it to its original, unblemished condition. She somehow rewound the clock on the deer's very existence, undoing the ravages of death and time alike. No witch has exhibited that power before, which begs the question... could Mallory be the next Supreme?

It was established in Season 3's Coven that when a new Supreme emerges, the current one will begin to fade. Indeed, when confronted with the power of Michael Langdon — Antichrist and supposed "Alpha" (aka male Supreme) — Cordelia's own abilities appeared to begin to fade. But what if Cordelia's decline wasn't kickstarted by Michael, but rather Mallory? There's no denying that Michael is powerful, but that could easily be due to his status as the literal son of Satan, and have nothing to do with his status (or lack thereof) as the leader of the coven.

In fact, Cordelia's health started to decline even before making the trip to meet Michael for the first time. That deterioration could easily have been caused by her proximity to Mallory, rather than some faraway warlock.

If Mallory does turn out to be the Supreme, then what would that mean for Season 8? Well, for one, her healing power could turn out quite useful. As noted by Thrillist, one Apocalypse fan theory is that the prodigious witch will use her magical healing abilities to heal the planet itself. Based on what happened to the deer she touched, Mallory might be able to not only reverse the radiation left behind by World War III... but actually turn back time, reverting the planet to its condition before the apocalypse even took place.

If someone can do that, doesn't that pretty much automatically make them the Supreme? You tell me.