This 'AHS' Theory Could Explain Where The Other 'Coven' Witches Are Hiding


Snow White may have been roused from death with the help of true love's kiss, but in the case of Coco, Dinah, and Mallory on American Horror Story: Apocalypse, all it took was a little bit of magic. Still, their sudden resurrection left viewers with several questions (namely: how did these women not know they were witches), and now Reddit users have a theory they think might help to explain it. Could it be possible that some of the O.G. Coven witches are somehow hiding within these women, and that Mallory is Zoe, Coco is Misty, and Dinah is Queenie? That may be a lot to wrap your hand around, so let's back up.

It all started when Ms. Venable and Ms. Mead decided to kill everyone else inside of Outpost 3 with poisoned apples, evil queen-style. The plan worked to perfection: All the characters dropped like flies. However, shortly afterward, the Coven witches arrived intent on saving their "sisters" and performed a spell on Coco, Dinah, and Mallory that brought them right back to the land of the living. That seemed to imply all three were witches (why else would they call them their sisters?), but, at least in Coco and Mallory's cases, they didn't appear to be aware of it, or were only just now beginning to catch on. So what's the deal?

Throughout Episode 3, Mallory showed signs that there could be a lot more to her than meets the eye. During a one-on-one encounter with Michael Langdon, she admitted that she feels like someone is buried deep inside of her, trying to get out. That made Michael question who she really is, using a few of his own powers to try and evoke a reaction. It worked: Mallory set the room on fire, surprising even herself. Clearly, she didn't know she was able to do that. Michael later said that he thought he'd gotten rid of all of her "kind." Could he have been talking about witches, and if so, does that mean Mallory is one of them?

That would make sense considering the powers she demonstrated. However, that doesn't explain how she was suddenly able to conjure said abilities, or why she seemed unaware of their existence up until this point. It also doesn't entirely explain Dinah and Coco's involvement. When Michael interviewed Dinah to see if she was "worthy" of going to the Sanctuary, it soon became apparent that they knew each other. Dinah said she wasn't "powerful" enough to stop whatever Michael is planning, which kinda sorta implied she was a witch. But if Michael was well aware that Dinah was still kicking around, he couldn't have been referring to just witches when he said he'd gotten rid of Mallory's kind, right? So what does that make Mallory?

That brings us to the aforementioned theory. Perhaps Mallory, who may or may not be a witch, is being inhabited by Zoe Benson (played by Taissa Farmiga in Coven), and when Michael said "her kind," he was referring to witches he thought he'd "gotten rid of" (whatever that means), but actually hadn't. Instead, they found a creative way to evade him — by hiding out in someone else's body.

This would help to explain why Madison acted as though she knew Mallory — intoning her famous Coven line, "I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me." Taking this concept one step further, Reddit user hellaquin suggests in the same thread that Misty is inside Coco and Queenie resides in Dinah. These women may not necessarily be aware that someone else is lying dormant inside of them, which could be why Michael wasn't as threatened by Dinah — he just thought she was a regular witch. But Mallory certainly seemed to sense another being's presence within her. And it's possible Coco and Dinah felt the same way, even if they didn't vocalize it.

In any regard, fans will get to the bottom of this mystery sooner or later. It's all quite complicated, but when you're dealing with a show that already has multiple actors playing more than one character, anything goes!