Is Matt Czuchry Married? 'The Resident' & 'Gilmore Girls' Star Knows All About Romantic 'Ships

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The Resident (co-creator: Amy Holden Jones) isn't like most doctor shows where handsome heroes save the day in 50 minutes or less. It's more realistic, and it's not always pretty. One of the would-be handsome heroes is played by an actor who is a frequent love interest on long-running shows, but has never settled down IRL himself. Is The Resident star Matt Czuchry married? The new Fox series will reignite your fandom for the Gilmore Girls (creator: Amy Sherman-Palladino) and The Good Wife (creator: Michelle King) favorite.

But, unless Czuchry had one of those recently trendy secret ceremonies, he's not married. There's no ring on his finger. In the past, Czuchry has been linked to romantic partners like Kate Bosworth, but has not been in that kind of spotlight at all, recently. However, not being in the romantic tabloid gossip spotlight doens't mean that he hasn't been busy since you all fell in love with him (or loved-to-hate him) as Logan Huntzberger.

After the first run of Gilmore Girls (producer: Helen Pai) the actor moved on to Friday Night Lights (director: Allison Liddi-Brown, six episodes) for a brief arc in 2008 and then right on to The Good Wife (director: Rosemary Rodriguez, 18 episodes) up until 2016. Then came the Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life (composer: Sam Phillips) revival and then The Resident (co-creator: Hayley Schore). All that, plus a 2007 stage appearance in Third (playwright: Wendy Wasserstein), and some films in between television projects is a lot. Perhaps all that left the actor with very little free time to date, much less get married.

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According to a TVLine podcast, Czuchry moved from New York City to Atlanta to film The Resident, too. Sometimes it feels like curious minds don't consider that aspect of a performer's life when speculating on their romantic history. Any relationship can become long distance at the drop of a hat. The decision to take this role and tell this story could mean that he's career-minded at the moment, and possibly not too interested in settling down. Still, he described the decision to pack up and do the show as a difficult one that required personal sacrifice, so maybe he had to leave a relationship to film. Although, he could have just as easily been talking about the sacrifice of leaving one's home to move to a new place.

On The Resident (director: Bronwen Hughes, one episode), Czuchry plays Dr. Conrad Hawkins, who's not exactly cynical as a medical professional, but he's not exactly a teddy bear either. He probably wouldn't want you to see how idealistic he actually is. Logan fans in particular will probably be pleased by this new character and his brand of arrogance.

"He served in the military in Afghanistan," the actor said in an interview with Parade, "and gained a lot of his medical training on the battlefield. His burning purpose, as I would call it, is to save his patients’ lives. So that drive, his confidence and his need for perfection is how his personality manifests itself."

The aforementioned podcast also alludes to a romantic history between his character and Emily VanCamp's character Nic. Even a gritty and realistic medical drama has to involve some steamy "on-call room" scenes, right?

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“You have to work really hard for chemistry sometimes,” VanCamp said in the interview. “But Matt and I have a lot of mutual respect and a very similar work ethic. We both take the work very seriously — sometimes too seriously.” They didn't want it to seem superficial or take a back seat to the medical aspects. Will there be a love triangle? Maybe. But like other aspects of the FOX series, it's not soapy. It's real.

"They're also a great team professionally even though they're not together [romantically]," adds Czuchry, "and trying to work things out. A very adult way of looking at this relationship."

So while Czuchry appears to be single in real life, there's certainly some 'shipping to be had with this new role on The Resident (director: Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, one episode). Maybe he'll pull a Logan-in-the-revival and a mysterious French fiancée will appear out nowhere, but for now Czuchry's doing his own thing.