You'll Never Want To Online Date Again After Watching This Lifetime Movie


Another work week is done, so that means it's time to have a date with your couch and a juicy Lifetime movie. Just make sure to lock your doors and maybe delete all your dating apps. Because while My Evil Stepdad isn't based on a true story, it will definitely make you think twice before meeting up with someone from Tinder.

Per Lifetime, the movie follows a rising college freshman named Ashley who is worried about her widowed mother Tracy. She doesn't want her mom to be lonely, so she creates an online dating profile and begins to chat with Jared, who seems like the perfect man. Tracy ends up meeting Jared, they fall in love, and soon enough, he's moved into her home. But Ashley realizes he's trying to crowd her out of the picture so he can have Tracy all to himself. Jared is clinging dangerously to Tracy and only Ashley can stop him from doing something deadly. Yep, this is your online dating nightmare.

My Evil Stepdad’s trailer shows how quickly things go wrong when Ashley asks Jared if she wants to meet her mom. The pair are seen smiling and kissing for .3 seconds before he pulls up at the house with neatly packed boxes. Suddenly, Jared goes dark and tells Ashley, a grown woman, that he "controls her now." Yikes. The clip then jumps to Jared knocking out (and possibly killing) some unnamed young guy who probably tried to confront him over his behavior.


Meanwhile, Ashley urges her mom to end the relationship because Jared is scamming her, which seems to be true considering he is pouring white powder in Tracy's wine. Tracy finally faces Jared after he puts everything in his name, including their home that he is getting ready to sell. He tells Tracy that their relationship "isn't working out" and she responds by attacking him with a taser because it's what he deserves.

There are so many questions from the trailer alone, you pretty much have to watch just to get answers. How did Jared go from finding them online to somehow running into Ashley in person? Why is he trying to sell the house and take everything they own? How did he fit all of his stuff in those tiny boxes? And what was in Tracy's drink that somehow made her sign her entire life over to Jared?

It can be assumed that they got married based on the movie's title, but surely this would have raised a red flag to someone besides Ashley. Tracy may have been duped, but at least she was smart enough to confront him with Ashley by her side and a taser for protection. Perhaps she can teach a class to other Lifetime women about why you don't face an evil person at night, alone, and with no weapon.

My Evil Stepdad isn't a real story, thankfully, but it has all of the drama, twists, and shocking revelations that you need on a Friday night to be thankful you're not out on a Tinder date.