7 Lifetime Thrillers About Deceptive Men To Watch After ‘My Wife's Secret Life'

Women's secret. Woman holding finger on lips over grey background

In My Wife's Secret Life, a woman named Laurel who has a one-night stand is horrified when she discovers that Kent, the man she cheated on her husband with, has rather nefarious motives for sleeping with her. Kent believes that Laurel's lawyer husband James is to blame for his own marriage falling apart, since his ex-wife was a client of James', so he sets up what appears to be a chance meeting with Laurel in an effort to destroy her seemingly perfect life. It all sounds very dramatic, but is My Wife's Secret Life based on a true story?

Lifetime, the network behind the made-for-TV movie, has been tight-lipped about the details of the story aside from the brief synopsis above. It's likely that they simply want viewers to tune in and find out for themselves what happens when Laurel decides to fight back against Kent and things "take a deadly turn," according to Futon Critic. That being said, what we do know about My Wife's Secret Life is so over-the-top that while it's not impossible, it's unlikely that it's ripped from the headlines.

Of course, high-stakes dramas like this are Lifetime's specialty, so if you're dying to check out more movies like My Wife's Secret Life, these seven just might hit the spot.

My Husband's Secret Life

Despite the eerily similar title, My Husband's Secret Life doesn't seem to be connected to My Wife's Secret Life. Instead, this movie focuses on Jennifer, who begins questioning her relationship with her husband after going through a miscarriage. However, things truly begin to unravel when he falls into a coma following an accident.

The Husband She Met Online

Lifetime's attempt at scaring you away from online dating for good comes in the form of The Husband She Met Online. The 2013 TV movie follows event planner Rachel, who's frustrated with her search for love until she meets wealthy businessman Greg. She can't believe her luck in finding such a great guy, but the more she gets to know him, the more she realizes he's not at all what he seems.

Marriage of Lies

When Rachel's husband disappears without warning, she becomes the primary and sole suspect. Working to prove her innocence, she begins to uncover things about her husband she never dreamed of, and she doesn't like what she finds out.

A Mother Betrayed

A single mom meets and marries a seemingly wonderful man after bouncing back from a terrible tragedy. However, her newlywed bliss is soon stunted by her husband's plan to commit her to a mental hospital and destroy her life.

A Lover Betrayed

Similar in title and plot to A Mother Betrayed, A Lover Betrayed centers on Tess, a mother whose son was killed seven years earlier. Tess is finally ready to put herself out there again and has a one-night stand with attractive soldier Roger. However, it ends up being the worst decision she could have ever made as his actions take an obsessive turn.

Web of Lies

Whitney's career as a social media influencer is going well, and she even has a hot neighbor named Mike who she quickly begins to fall for after moving back to Boston. Whitney's sister, however, isn't quite so convinced by Mike and after she goes missing, Whitney starts to wonder if her sister was right about him.

He Knows Your Every Move

Molly takes her laptop to be repaired and it comes back in perfect working condition. However, after meeting her perfect guy while eating at her favorite restaurant, things quickly start going downhill when she realizes that her new boyfriend Jack isn't quite who he's presented himself to be.

Seemingly innocuous men who end up being dangerous (or worse, deadly) is clearly Lifetime's bread and butter. Fortunately, they're usually not based on true stories. But together, they do make for a good marathon,