Quay x Kylie Is Still Up For Grabs

Courtesy of Quay Australia

2017 might just be Kylie Jenner's busiest year yet. It's certainly one of the most exciting for her fans. Not only has she debuted a huge summer collection with Kylie Cosmetics, but her new reality show Life of Kylie is set for an August debut on the E! Network. To add on top of all that excitement, the Quay x Kylie sunglasses collection is here, and the launch is another incredible moment for the youngest member of the Kardashian and Jenner family.

As of press time, the full collection of four different sunglasses styles in eleven different colors is still available on the Quay website, but that doesn't mean all the styles will remain available to shop. Many of Jenner's creations — like her Kylie Cosmetics range and the merch in her Kylie Shop — have a tendency to sell out within hours or days. If Jenner's track record remains consistent, snagging these sunnies as soon as you can is a good call.

Currently, all four styles in all of their color options are still up for grabs on the Quay website. The fully stocked selection of glasses presents a unique opportunity to snag sunnies approved by Jenner herself. After all, despite all the merch in the Kylie Shop, Jenner has never released her own lenses...until now.

Courtesy of Quay

What do the remaining Quay x Kylie sunglasses look like? There's something for everyone to shop.

Hidden Hills

Quay Australia

Hidden Hills, $75, Quay

The Hidden Hills sunnies come in pink and black, and both are currently up for grabs.


Quay Australia

Starstruck, $75, Quay

Love a vintage vibe? Starstuck glasses are your must-have, and they come in rose, olive, and grey.


Quay Australia

Iconic, $75, Quay

Aviators will never go out of style, especially ones in classic colors like black and silver with an option to snag a purple pair if you can't resist a little flair.

Purple Haze

Quay Australia

Purple Haze, $75, Quay

If uniqueness is your go-to, then the Purple Haze sunnies in gold, purple, and green are definitely to shop items.

If you're looking for the perfect pair of glasses for summer, then you still have time to snag the Quay x Kylie collection before they're all gone.